An annual video plan could be highly beneficial for your business

Accessible, relevant and regular video content can fuel your social media, digital marketing and website content. Video plans support the creation and regular delivery of your videos in a structured a more effective way. Here at GingerVideo we have put together a number of video plans that will supply you with cost-effective quality video content regularly and consistently.

Benefits of video plans

Built -in discount & easy budgeting:

Monthly payments allow you to budget more easily. Payments are spread across the year, and can be flexible to match your business and content marketing requirements. All video plans have a built in discount of up to 50% on regular prices, in recognition of the annual commitment.

Fuel your digital marketing:

Quality, professional video content will help fuel your digital marketing activities; supporting your social media, email campaigns, website content, exhibitions, and all your content marketing.

Be current and become visible:

Educate, inform and promote to your existing clients and prospects with regular video content that will keep your products and services in the forefront of their minds. A video plan helps you to consistently market to your audience and stand out against your competitors.

Achieve your aims:

Working with you on a regular basis means we gain a greater understanding of your business and objectives. This solid, on-going working relationship ensures we produce video content that will help achieve your marketing aims, goals and objectives.

How do video plans work?

All plans start with defining your goals and the purpose of your video marketing strategy. Working with you we develop an understanding of your target audience and the type of content that they will appreciate and engage with. Once we have that understanding we create an annual video plan around the topics and video content that best support your video goals. All plans have a monthly fee, with built -in discount in recognition of the annual commitment. They are designed to cover your need for video over the course of a year. Plans can be filmed either in our Berkshire-based green-screen studio, or on-location. They can also include whiteboard animation video, and can be bespoke to your requirements.

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