Whiteboard Animation Character Styles

Choose the most suitable character for your company

As previously discussed, there are different types and styles of characters that we can draw for your video production. The character style you choose must be right and fit the style and mood of the video overall.

Below you will see 4 different styles of characters we can draw, and you will be able to choose which you prefer.

If you need help choosing, please do not hesitate to contact us.

1. Corporate


2. Doodle


3. Cartoon


4. Exaggerated Cartoon

Exaggerated Cartoon


Once you have chosen the Character Style you would like for your video production, please complete the Character Information Appendix.

It is also important to consider if you have any specific requirements relating to the race and ethnic diversity of your characters, as well as the age of the characters and the close you wish for them to be drawn wearing.

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