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Case Study from Software Development Company

Here’s how we helped software development company, Titania.

What was the reason you chose to produce video with us?

“We came to the realisation that we really needed to start having video to be able to connect with our audience. We’re a technology company and they tend to be a very visual set of people. We came across Ginger through our business coach who told us that he’d worked with GingerVideo before. They came very highly recommended and that they were really great at what they did.”

What was your initial problem before you started using video?

“A lot of our competitors were using video to communicate with their audience and without the expertise or knowledge on what video content we really wanted, we felt we were falling behind in the market.”

“We were having trouble getting the right advice and guidance on what kind of videos we should be making. We were looking for someone who we could trust, who would give us good solid advice, and not just try to get us to pay more money than we needed to, and that was quite difficult to find.”

What was most beneficial about working with us?

“GingerVideo were able to much more effectively communicate quite a complex message that we have, in a really engaging and fun way viewers can relate to and enjoy while learning.”

“They also gave us a lot of advice. It wasn’t being dictated in terms of ‘you must do it this way’, instead it was followed up with good reasoning, good experience and knowledge which helped guide us into the right direction. They advised us into the right area in terms of how to use video, where to put it and how to upload it onto different platforms.

The communication was great, and they were really easy to get in contact with. Every single person in the company had the same ethos, the same way of communicating and the same friendly manner. Whether you were ringing up and talking to someone on reception, to one of the design guys or to Neil himself, everybody was always willing to help and you felt like a genuinely valued customer.”

If someone asked you if they should do business with us, what would you say?

I would definitely recommend the GingerVideo team. It’s been a real pleasure to work with them, and I would never think about working with anybody else.”

“GingerVideo were reliable, quick to complete the job, hit the deadlines they said they would and didn’t always suggest the highest pricing option; it was the option that best suited our needs.”

Take a look at the final video we produced for Titania:

Written by Neil Ginger

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