“Impressed from Day 1”

Case Study from Technology Company

Here’s how we helped specialist database management and data integration company, Nymad.

How did you find the video production process?

“What really impressed us about GingerVideo was both the pre-production work – about understanding what it was we were trying to achieve, and the best way we could use video to make that happen – and then the actual production itself was fantastic from our perspective.”

“The amount of effort that went into social media campaigns in order to maximise the use of our videos afterwards really put the icing on the cake.”

Did the videos help achieve your initial aims and objectives?

“Since the use of those videos, we have seen our profile start to rise within the areas we want to be known. We find that it’s a really big thing now for getting your presence and profile raised.  We’re really keen on video within social media in order to achieve that.”

What was most beneficial about working with us?

“We were very impressed from Day 1 at the enthusiasm that the GingerVideo team brought to the video production process. It was the ability to add in social media promotions and advertising, as well as a top quality production, that really led us to believe that Neil and co were working with what we needed as opposed to just creating a video.”

“GingerVideo are so much more than a video production company. They took our marketing strategy and really built around that in order to give us the right time.  They also gave advice and guidance on how to best market that at the end.”

If someone asked you if they should do business with us, what would you say?

“We would have no hesitation in recommending GingerVideo to colleagues and friends in anything they wish to be doing as well; they really were a fantastic group to work with.”

“It can be quite scary getting in front of a camera, but the joyous, infectious enthusiasm and professionalism of the GingerVideo team really made it a great day.”

Written by Neil Ginger

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