“Very happy to recommend”

Case Study from Branding Agency

Here’s how we helped brand strategy and design agency, Luna Branding.

Why did you choose to work with GingerVideo?

“We chose to work with GingerVideo because we’re a very strategic agency and we felt the fit was really good. They understood the way that we wanted to work and the process that we would go through. We looked around and talked to a few people, but for us it’s really important that the relationship is strong and that we feel we can work with another company.”

What was your initial problem before you started using video?

“We had a problem getting across the complexity of the service that our client provides – we really wanted to use video to deliver that message on the website. We want to add real value to our clients and it was trying to find a partner that really understood what we were trying to get across, and be able to deliver that in a really effective way.”

How did you find the video production experience?

“It was a very clear process that we went through, starting with the scripting. Even before any of the video production was done we knew exactly what was going on, and we just felt the fit was perfect.”

What was most beneficial about working with us?

“The GingerVideo team are genuinely nice people, clearly know what they’re doing and that’s what we want. We want to work with high quality partners that help to make us look good with our client. GingerVideo really understand video marketing and how that fits with marketing communications overall, so they can really help us to present the client in the best possible way.”

If someone asked you if they should do business with us, what would you say?

“It would be a no-brainer for me – I’d be very happy to recommend them to do video. They know how to do it, but more importantly they know how to do it really effectively.”

“All relationships in business are about people. The GingerVideo team are very good at what they do, but they make the process enjoyable as well and that’s very important to us.”

Written by Neil Ginger

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