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Case Study from Digital Storage Company

Here’s how we helped physical and digital document management solutions company, Kefron.

What was your reason in wanting to produce video?

“We¬†wanted to create more awareness of Kefron in the UK, and decided that having a Case Study Video was the best way to do this.”

How did you find the video production experience?

“We found the experience of working with GingerVideo extremely pleasant. It was quite an easy experience. It didn’t take a lot of time and the end result proved to be extremely good. GingerVideo helped us understand how to use video within the various marketing channels.”

If someone asked you if they should do business with us, what would you say?

“If somebody asked us whether we would recommend GingerVideo when it comes to video production, I would say definitely yes. We would not hesitate in recommending them to any company that needed a video production.”

Did the video help achieve your initial aims and objectives?

“The investment we made in producing video has been really worthwhile. We wanted to create more awareness in the UK and this has been a very efficient way of doing that, at what we thought was a justifiable cost.”

“We really liked working with GingerVideo. The process was so easy, the people were really pleasant, and we are delighted with the video!”

Take a look at the final video we produced for Kefron:

Written by Neil Ginger

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