“Ensured a great ROI”

Case Study from Timber Panel Distribution Company

Here’s how we helped Timber Panel Distribution company, James Latham.

What was the problem Lathams were facing?

“We needed to differentiate ourselves from our competition.
Our objective was to and a company that would give us some guidance, but would also help us with distributing the videos.”

How did Ginger help you?

“Ginger produced the video, and they then integrated the video
into campaigns on Google, YouTube and other Social Media platforms, both organically and using paid advertising.”

What were the results?

“We’ve been really pleased with the results. Over the 4 week campaign our website views increased by 400%, the video had over 80,000 views, and we sold an additional £400,000 of our product
during the campaign!”

“This is the 7th video that I’ve completed with them, and we’ve had a fantastic return on our investment so there’s no reason for us to stop now!”

Take a look at the final video we produced for James Latham:

Written by Neil Ginger

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