YouTube Separates from Google+

July 28, 2015

Google+ Accounts Are No Longer Needed to Access YouTube

On Monday, Google released a blog post which informed readers of some major changes to the way Google+ is used. At the moment, a Google+ account is needed to access any of Google’s services.

This blog post announces changes which mean that a Google+ account will no longer be needed for anything other than using Google+.

A Disappointing Platform

Unfortunately, Google+ never became the rival to Facebook and Twitter that Google expected it to.

Many accounts on the social networking platform were created. But yet these were mainly by those forced to create an account to use YouTube, Gmail or any other Google service. According to Google, Google+ has over 540 million accounts. Despite this statistic, a recent study reported that 90% of Google+ profiles contain no content. This fact suggests that many people only joined to link with services such as YouTube.

The plan was for Google+ to provide users with a seamless experience across all of Google’s platforms. However, many of these users did not like the fact that they now had a public, searchable Google+ account displaying their full name. Some people believe that the reason for integrating Google+ with YouTube was to just give the social network a boost in popularity.

You will still need a Google account

A basic Google account will be needed for all users to “share content, communicate with contacts and create a YouTube channel and more” but a Google+ account is not required. This basic Google account will not be searchable or followable, unlike Google+ profiles.

When is this happening?

These changes will occur over the following months, and unfortunately will not happen overnight. Google has warned users not to delete their Google+ accounts immediately. There will be a delay in changes coming into effect.

YouTube will be the first to separate itself from Google+, closely followed by Gmail and Google Drive.

Easier to delete

If you are one of those people who created a Google+ account that they didn’t intend to use, just to access Google services like YouTube- Google have said they will be offering better options for managing and removing the public Google+ profiles.

Is Google+ dead?

These changes however, do not necessarily mean the end of Google+ as a social networking platform. Although it will likely see a decrease in users, it now has a chance to establish itself as a social network in its own right- rather than an integration tool between the other Google products.

During the transition period, developers at Google will be rolling out some changes to Google+. These will make the platform even easier and better to use.

Should I delete my Google+ account?

Here at Ginger Multimedia, we are big fans of Google+. This is because every post made on the platform is indexed by Google, and therefore likely to be found.

In addition, we would recommend keeping your YouTube account connected to your Google+ account. This way, every video you upload, every comment you make, in fact everything you do on YouTube will be posted to Google+ and indexed by the world’s most popular search engine.

Google+ is a great social network to use, with a 10,000 word limit, the ability to tag your posts, and the method to sort your contacts using ‘circles’. It is brilliant for both business and personal use, and we recommend that you look into it, if you are not already a user.


To conclude, we think it is great that Google is giving people the choice to sign up to Google+ or not, and we believe that the social networking platform will continue to grow in popularity.

If you would like to see an example of a Google+ profile page, click here

We hope that you found this blog helpful, if you have any questions or comments please feel free to get in touch.

Written by Jo Ginger

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