Your FAQ’s About GingerVideo Answered…

April 17, 2019

When the GingerVideo Team are at events or out on shoots we often get asked a lot of questions about the work we do here at GingerVideo. So, we thought it would be a good idea to put them all in one place so you can read for yourself what we get up to behind our orange walls … Enjoy!

Q – What sorts of projects do you do?

A – We do many different types and styles of videos for a range of companies. However, we specialise in:

Promotional/Product Videos,

Training and E-Learning Videos,

Conference and Event Overview Videos

And Whiteboard Animation and Explainer Videos.

For more examples of the kinds of videos we produce, head over to the portfolio page on our website.

Q3 – Where do you travel for most of your projects?

A – Everywhere!! The GingerVideo team travels worldwide. However, much of our work is in the UK. We also work worldwide for companies in other countries that require whiteboard animation videos or need multi –language subtitles put onto videos

Q4 – What music can I use on my video?

A –We always use royalty free music in our productions. To avoid copyright issues we pay for all of the music we use, and also obtain the all important licence.

Q5 – How quickly can you produce a Video?

A – On average, it takes our creative team around 3-5 weeks to produce a video. This is of course dependant on a number of different factors.  However due to us having our own in house editing team we can often meet tight deadlines if the need arises.

We have in the past had a call for an urgent job one day and did the filming and editing all in 1 day!

Q6 – What is your process from concept to completion?

A – Here at GingerVideo we have a succinct 7-step process that we work through for each of our clients for each project.

The first step is Research; this is so we can get to know as much about your business as possible.

 Next comes Scripting. We work with you to create a keyword driven script that outlines exactly what you want clearly.

Step 3 is Storyboarding, and that is an outline of the visual overview of what your video is going to look like.

Once this is all complete we move onto the Production stage.  The filming, or drawing of each bespoke animation video is done either in house or on location. .

Next is Editing, and this is where the creative team work their magic and create the first edit.  You will get to see the video at this stage, and we can then make any further changes required.

The completed video is delivered to you either: by uploading to YouTube, Vimeo, or by WeTransfer or Dropbox.

Then finally, if you want the video to be found in the search engines we can add SEO to the video/s on YouTube or Vimeo, using the keywords we established at the beginning of the process in the Discovery stage.

Q7 – What can I expect in terms of ROI?

A –The simple answer to this question is it that it depends on what you do with the videos once produced.

 The best ROI from video comes from integrating video into your marketing, and actively using them in marketing campaigns

However, there is a way we can help you to gain a substantial return on your investment.

We use Paid Video Ads on Google and Social Media: whether that is Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn Ads.

We use the Video at the heart of the Ads, and also build bespoke Landing Pages for the Ads!

For more information about how we can help you with your Paid video ads, watch this video or head over to our Paid Video Ads page!

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Written by Jo Ginger

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