How to Win Business Using Video

August 16, 2016

How to Use Video to Win Business

Are you using video in your marketing strategy to win business? If your answer is no then the next question is, why not?

Using video on your website means more than it just sitting there to look pretty; it communicates and engages with your customers. Essentially, video is a marketing and sales tool that can work for you 24/7.

It’s important to have a strategy behind your video so it will help deliver tangible results for you – the key to winning business with video is developing a video marketing strategy.

8 Steps to Producing a Video That Will Help You Win Business

Step 1: Define your purpose

Defining your purpose will save you money. By doing this at the start, you can ensure your video is concise and that you are creating a video aimed at your target audience.

What are you trying to achieve?
Whether you’re trying to increase your quality visitors or trying to generate new leads, it is important to define what a successful video means to you.

Who are your target audience?
Do you know who you are trying to reach? Imagine your ‘ideal customer’ and how you would usually approach them.

Step 2: Pick the right video for your defined purpose

There are different types of video you can use to help you win business. Once you’ve established what you’re trying to achieve and who you’re trying to reach then deciding on your type of video is easy.

You may wish to use filmed video or whiteboard animation, both of which are really good for different purposes. The tone of your video will vary depending on your purpose.

Step 3: Choose the length for your video

What is your video going to be used for?
The correct length and purpose of your video go hand in hand; a product demonstration video will be a different length to a website homepage video. It is important to strike the right length to keep the viewers interested – you won’t want anyone watching to be bored halfway through.

Step 4: Reflect your brand

Make sure the video reflects exactly who you are as a brand and that your products and services are shown in the best way possible.

Sometimes, small companies can find themselves in the shadows of bigger brands when it comes to marketing. However, having unlimited money to spend on marketing isn’t necessary when it comes to producing a winning video; video is a low cost way of making a big impact.

Step 5: Boost your website effectiveness

Google loves video. Using it on your website can double search traffic and make your web pages more discoverable.

Videos engage viewers attention; visitors spend 6x longer on pages featuring video. Also, 64% of viewers are more likely to make a purchases online after watching a video.

Step 6: Optimise those search engines

Did you know that if you use video without any search engine optimisation (SEO) on the video, Google will just see a blank screen? How sad!

However, there are a few tricks to help improve your ranking. Video SEO provides search engines with what they need to find the video in keyword search results.

The main goals with video SEO should be:

– To appear in the organic search results
– To help direct traffic to your website

How is video SEO done?

– Information is collected from each video on the website
– Metadata such as a title, description, tags and links are added

Step 7: Promote your video, it’s worth shouting about

Distributing and promoting your new video is a critical part of your video marketing strategy. Having a video produced is an investment, so why not shout about it?

Here are a few ways you can put your video out:

– Use a YouTube channel, making sure it is branded and optimised for your company
– Embed your new video(s) on various pages of your website, for example use it in a blog!
– Use social media, add the links to you tweets, Facebook posts, LinkedIn… whatever works for you

Step 8: Consider using paid advertising

Various platforms have a variety of paid advertising options for you to help increase the number of people your post reaches. This can also help increase brand awareness and generate more visitors to your website.

You may want to consider paying for advertising on YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Are you in the race yet?

Online video is one of the most powerful marketing tools. Having a clear video marketing strategy in place can help you achieve your marketing goals and not only put you in the race for business, but help you win it too!

If you have any questions about video production or video marketing, please get in touch!

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Written by Jo Ginger

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