Why Advertise On Instagram (And How To Use Video To Do It)

July 5, 2019

Creating effective Instagram ads is not as difficult as it may seem. Instagram has hugely grown in popularity, with more than 400 million active users. Around 80 million photo and video posts go through Instagram’s system daily, making it one of the top social websites available.

Videos on Instagram are typically limited to around one minute in length, but that’s plenty of time for any corporation to get their message out to the general public – particularly when Instagram offers sponsored posts for a very small amount of money. Unlike YouTube, they don’t charge per view at Instagram, but rather, they let you choose how long you want to advertise for and how far you want your post to reach.

Instagram Business Users

If you have an Instagram account with a certain number of followers, you have likely seen Instagram’s notification asking if you would like to transfer your account and turn it into a business account. What this means is that you can make and post ads and sponsor your own posts to get more views and likes.

Instagram also allows you to incorporate links into the frame of your post, meaning that users can simply swipe and be redirected to a website link. This can be your homepage, your Facebook business page, or even a produce link!

The audience that uses Instagram is extremely engaged. Using hashtags, users reach out to each other, share on their stories, and create posts to get attention from like-minded individuals. For a business, it’s a gold mine of potential clients that are just waiting to be discovered.

Instagram and people on a card

Making Your Video Count

So, you have an account and you have an idea for a post. Here’s a tip: Make the first few seconds of your video captivating. Make them count, make them amazing. Because when an Instagram user is scrolling down their home feed – the place where your sponsored video ad will appear – only the first few seconds of your video will play as they scroll towards it. You need to make them stop before they scroll past your post.

Put movement in the first couple of seconds, play music, show colour, be exciting. These are things you need to do to capture an Instagrammer’s attention. Instagram users are known for being creative and being all about colour and aesthetics, which means you need to know how to appeal to that part of them.

Remember that Instagram will mute videos unless they’re clicked on – so add in some text! If the music you’re playing is important to your video, then shout out to your audience and let them know that it’s there for them to listen to. Be dynamic with every word you use, and stay far, far away from Comic Sans text.

And lastly, don’t make your ad look like an ad. This is Instagram and videos should blend in with the posts around them as naturally as possible. The goal is to gain attention, not self-promote.

Laptop, pad and pens

At Ginger Video, we love helping brands create promotional videos for all areas of their business – including social media. But unlike other video companies, we don’t just leave it there. We can also take on the management of your Instagram advertising, so you can rest easy knowing everything is happening the way it should and watch the leads roll in. To find out more, just get in touch with us today.

Written by Neil Ginger

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