Which Video Is Best Suited To Your Needs?

April 24, 2019

There comes a time in every company’s lifetime where the marketing team realises that video is the future and therefore if they aren’t using it already… they need to be!

When the decision to use video has been made, then comes the questions; what type of video do we need? And what are we going to use it for? If you have ever been in the situation where you are asking yourself these questions and were unsure of what to do, we’re sorry this blog is only coming to you now!

Selling a product or service

So, if your company’s primary goal is to sell products or services to your audience, or if your product is especially hard to explain to your audience, you’ll benefit from   Product or Whiteboard Animation Videos.

By using a narrative, these videos can create a better lasting impression in the customer’s mind, leaving the features to be experienced while watching, rather than being overly explained.

Education Sector

If information sharing and education is more down your company’s street then you need a Talking Head/Green Screen video. These are perfect for capturing video testimonials or to be used as a training series.

Having somebody on the screen talking to the audience increases information retention rates on average by 3-6 times over traditional training methods.

Manufacturing Sector

Video is so diverse it can pretty much be used in any field, including manufacturing. If you wanted to show how something is made, or give an insight into where your materials come from, then Filmed and/or Whiteboard Video is the way to go for you.

If there are certain parts of the process that can’t be filmed… (This might be because they happen inside a machine, or can’t be seen from the outside) we can add an overlay of animation to the video, to show what is happening inside the machine!  As a result, this really gives a detailed insight into the interworking of the process.

You can see a good example of this in a video we produced for a company that manufactures MDF.


Using video to promote venues, events or your company can be such an engaging way to bring in an audience; it would almost be un-thinkable to not do it!

Using devices like drones, go-pros and dash-cams are a great way to capture the vastness of a venue, or genuine reactions to an activity. They can also spark viewer engagements while watching the video, such as being in awe of the event or venue in question, or laughing along with those in the video.

These can be positive deal breakers for some consumers.

So, next time you are promoting anything- look to video for help!

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Written by Jo Ginger

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