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June 17, 2016

We've rebranded!

Ginger Multimedia had its 5th birthday in May this year and those of you who have known us for a number of years will know that prior to that our company was called Ginger Photography.

Ginger Photography itself was formed in 1988 and the move to Ginger Multimedia in 2011 reflected the big increase in video we were producing at that time. It’s now time for the next change, hence the birth of GingerVideo!

Why have we rebranded to GingerVideo?

Our main aim has always been to help as many people as we can in all aspects of video production and video marketing. We’ve continued to produce corporate photography, but the emphasis has been on video.

The team has expanded! The majority of our work is now video production and video marketing; we thought that it was time to reflect that in our name. Ginger Multimedia is perhaps a little ambiguous and GingerVideo is what it says on the tin!

We’ve also increased the different types and styles of videos we produce! We now produce an increasing amount of whiteboard animation videos, as well as videos for use in social media campaigns.

We haven’t changed the way we work or our core values; these remain unchanged. Our offices are still in the same lovely character chapel in Lambourn. It just makes sense to change our name to GingerVideo.

The new GingerVideo website

 As you may have noticed, we’ve rebranded the website from Ginger Multimedia to GingerVideo. We’re also updating our social media accounts as well as our monthly newsletter to reflect the new name.

We continuously look forward to working with and giving value to all our clients and contacts as usual.

If you haven’t looked at our work for a while, the portfolio page is a great place to see our videos!

Please don’t hesitate to contact a member of the GingerVideo team if you have any questions regarding video production or video marketing!

Written by Jo Ginger

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