Video Marketing Myths: Debunked

February 27, 2019

In this blog I am going to be taking you through some of the most mythical statements in the video production world. While also explaining why each statement is a myth and what things can be done to make video your most used, optimised and valuable content.

If you weren’t using video before reading this blog then I’m almost certain that you’ll want to be when you’re done.

The first debunked myth is …

“Video is too expensive”

The myth surrounding this statement is, yes, video can appear to be expensive, but not if you get a good ROI from the video, in which case it’s well worth the investment.

Some video production companies may just shoot video without any planning, scripting, storyboarding etc. and that can then be waste of money.

However, a video that has been properly planned, and has a strategy behind it will be it worth the investment, and you are far more likely to get a better return on your investment.


“Video is too complicated”

The myth surrounding this is that when companies are considering video, they may imagine a confusing and time-consuming process of themselves having to; know exactly what they want, develop storyboards, write scripts, and supervise the editing. In addition companies also believe that they need to think of ways to market the video once produced, therefore making them believe that video is inefficient and as a result ‘too complicated’.

This however is not the case. Hiring the right video production company (like ourselves) to do the job makes all the difference. A professional company will lead the whole process, and take all the stress away from you.

For example, here at GingerVideo we have a comprehensive and streamlined process. We carry out detailed initial discovery information gathering, and lead you through the whole process, and you can have as little or much input into the process.

All we need you to do is work with us to give us the information needed to produce the video. Then all you have to do is sit back and wait for the work to be done for you.

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“My industry doesn’t typically use video”

If your industry doesn’t use video, it’s because they aren’t using it Yet. Video is completely flexible and therefore is able to adhere to any industry. This can be whether the company wants a demonstration video of how one of their products work or the uses of a product they provide, or a simple talking head, answering some FAQ’s their consumers have. It can make you stand out within your industry and can massively benefit your ROI.

“Video is too hard to track”

If a company came to us with this issue, this means there is 1 or 2 problems that have easy solutions. The first being, they are using the wrong platforms to host their videos that don’t offer analytics or any sort of statistics related to your video. The second is that the company aren’t marketing the video properly therefore there is nothing to track. Using a good marketing strategy and the right hosting platforms can make turn this statement into exactly what it is… a Myth.

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“Video doesn’t have enough uses”

This is probably the most untrue of all the myths we are debunking today. Video is perhaps the most dynamic type of content you have. It increases open rates for email. Boosts click through rates for landing pages. Encourages shares on social media. Increases time on page for websites, and drives more leads than calls alone. And, with a great marketing strategy, you can optimize one video for all channels which can only benefit you. With the right strategy and company video can take your company places that you’ve never imagined.

To see just how helpful our videos are to our clients, take a look at this recent testimonial video about why clients love working with us, or head over to our portfolio page!

Written by Jo Ginger

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