Video Marketing: Just In time For Christmas!

November 7, 2019

It’s finally that time of year again!


No, I’m not joking, 40% of consumers start shopping before Halloween so whether you like it or not, better get your shopping shoes on!

With all that Christmas shopping, of course, comes new festive marketing campaigns! So, here at GingerVideo we thought as an early present from us to you we would give you a few starting points if you haven’t even thought about Christmas yet, or some ideas for improvement if you have!

Why Use Video?

First things first, Video stands out in a newsfeed and social video is know to generate 12 times more shares than text and images combined!

Not to mention that 65% of consumers have been said to have made a purchase after seeing video content about a specific product or service on social media, which then in turn increases the products average order value!

It would be silly to not use video really …

What Are Your Goals?

Before we can dive into creating Video content for your festive campaign, you need to establish what your goals are. What do you want to achieve from the campaign?

Is it engagement on your company page? Increased sales of a certain product or service? Promotion of a deal or sale you are having over the Christmas period? Or do you simply want to create more brand awareness?

Knowing what your focus is for a campaign is the first hurdle you need to jump.

What Type of Video Best aligns With Your Goals?

Once your goals are set and you know what you want from your Christmas campaign, we can start to look at the next hurdle in Video marketing, which is what type of video to create!

We have a whole other blog already on this for general Videos. You can read Which Video Is Best Suited To Your Needs by clicking here!

However, Christmas videos can, of course be tailored to the festive season!

Promotional Videos of your products or merchandise can make your audience aware that they are ideal for stocking fillers or secret Santa’s, even if it’s just silly things like travel cups or even pens!

Fun social Videos about Christmas can also make for great light-hearted Christmas content! For example, we are a company in the video industry so here is a factually fun Social Video about the first Christmas film ever made!

You could even use Video to show some love to your customers by getting staff members to wish them a Merry Christmas!

Whatever your plan is for your Christmas campaign there’s not long left to get things up and running before time’s run out!

So contact us here at GingerVideo to see how we can help you. It could be with a Video project or even a Paid Advertising Campaign, whatever your video needs are we are here to help!

Call the office today on 01488 670244 or email hello@gingervideo.co.uk

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Written by Neil Ginger

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