The Power of Video in Internal Communications [VIDEO]

January 17, 2017

Using Video in Your Internal Communications

It is likely that any website you land on will contain video in some way, shape or form. The huge increase in the use of video for external communications has lead to an increase in using video in internal communications too.

If you gave an employee the choice of watching an engaging, interactive video or a long, chunky handbook, most would probably choose to watch the video.

Discover How You Can Use Video in Internal Communications by watching our whiteboard animation video below!

5 Ways Video Can Improve Internal Communications

1. Replace Training Courses and Paperwork

Using video in place of lengthy training courses and never-ending paperwork makes training more memorable and effective. Complicated concepts can be easily explained and become easier to understand using video. It is no longer necessary to gather a whole group of employees together to complete training; video is easily distributed which allows you to send the video to everyone to watch at any time.

You can use video to provide cost-effective, flexible education for your employees. You can use a range of videos, including whiteboard animation, webinars, conference videos and training videos.

Cartoon in office surrounded by mountains of paperwork

2. Use Video for Staff Inductions

Using video can also make staff inductions easier. Videos can provide your new employees with a company overview and explain the company’s ethos and operations. New employees are more likely to remember expectations, as well as best practices and health and safety procedures after watching a video

New employee shaking hands with employer

3. Boost Staff Morale

Radiate positive energy within your business using video. Rally the troops and motivate your team by sharing good news stories and success messages in video form. You could also consider creating videos of awards events and team building activity days too.

Video allows for stories and messages to be communicated in a more natural form. Sending light hearted videos to your team can increase attention and morale, as well as teamwork, which can make even the largest of companies seem close-knit.

Employees hi-fiving after watching video in internal communications

4. Increase Brand Understanding

Employees can gain a crystal clear understanding of your company as video leaves little room for interpretation. Important company and brand messages are unlikely to be misunderstood from using video to define key messages of your brand, service and products.

A useful tip for ensuring maximum engagement of your internal communications videos is to keep them short and sweet; as a general rule we suggest not exceeding 3 minutes in length.

Employees watching video in internal communications

5. Improve Communication

Standard emails are often quick and easy to send out. Including video content in an email helps incorporate non-verbal qualities such as tone of voice and facial expressions; both of which helps key messages and ideas to be understood and leaves little room for interpretation.

Videos can create strong allegiance and professionalism, while also engaging the viewer more than text would. Visual content in video form is generally more preferred, as an average of 4 hours a day being spent watching mobile video by those who watch online video.

Employees bored by boring communications

How I can incorporate video into my internal communications?

You could introduce video to your internal communications gradually and gauge the reaction from your employees – it’s always good to encourage feedback!

Most importantly, measure your metrics. Evaluate the understanding and the impact of your videos by monitoring video analytics to show your videos’ effectiveness and return of investment.

Most companies wish to keep their internal communications private, consequently we are limited as to what we can share publicly.

However, if you’d like to find out more about some of our work with video in Internal Communications, we’d love to tell you all about it!

You can see a range of all of our work in our Video Gallery.

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Written by Jo Ginger

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