Our new Video Case Studies – filmed using Zoom!

November 12, 2020

Are you considering a Video Case Study?

We all know that Video Case Studies are an integral part of an effective marketing strategy as they offer social proof about the benefits your products or services deliver. They help build trust with your prospects and a Video Case Study is often the big ‘nudge’ that convinces people to buy from you.

In the past, getting professional Video Case Studies filmed entailed us sending a film crew to your client’s location, setting up lighting and sound equipment and then filming the actual interview. This would probably have taken at least a couple of hours of your clients’ time.

Benefits of us filming a Video Case Study using Zoom

Here at Ginger we are delighted to announce that we now have a new online Video Case Study offering that negates the need for a face to face film crew and allows for a simple 30-minute Zoom interview. We then take that footage and add a professional edit to ensure the Case Study is the most effective and professional looking that it can be.

The good news is however, that along with being a safe way of filming in this current battle against COVID-19, the fee for these Video Case Studies is much less than the face to face filmed Case Studies.

This is because our film crew doesn’t need to travel in order to film, which would previously mean at least a half day of their time, including all the travelling, set up and breakdown time etc.

How does it work?

It’s a really easy, smooth running process, with much of what we do remaining the same.

-The same preparation of the questions that your client will be asked, which will give us the answers we want!

-We send both you and your client an email with preparation information for the shoot. This includes: how the filming will happen, and what they need to do and prepare, such as how to set-up for the filming, achieve the best lighting, what to wear, and more…..

-Everyone meets on a Zoom call at the agreed time and the filming takes place

-The team then edit the footage in the same professional manner they do with the ‘normal’ filmed footage

Here are some examples

Here are a few examples of Video Case Studies filmed using Zoom that we have recently produced.

Many thanks to Victoria Hormigo from Libreea for this fantastic testimonial video she gave us here at Ginger!
This is a Video Case Study that we filmed for a Live in Care Company called ‘The Live in Care Company’. It’s a powerful testimonial from a client to the company that provide Live in Care for her parents.

Call us to find out more about this new, innovative service, and how we can help you with a Video Case Study filmed using Zoom. We also produce a whole range of different videos, from Promotional Video, filmed video on location, Conference and Event Video, to Whiteboard Animation style videos.

You can call us on 01488 670244, or contact us here.

Written by Jo Ginger

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