7 Reasons to Love using Video in your Marketing Plan

February 5, 2018

7 Reasons to Love using Video in your Marketing Plan

As we are sure you’re aware, the use of video is ever increasing, it has become the single most important strategy in content marketing today. It’s now central to many Digital Marketing Plans, and is more and more prominent in Social Media and in all aspects of Digital Marketing.  Find out below why you should be using video in your marketing plan.

With YouTube now being the 2nd biggest search engine on the web we advise that if you haven’t jumped on the video bandwagon yet, here are 7 reasons you should!

7  Reasons video should be in your marketing plan:

1. Video gives you a wider reach when it comes to promoting your products

Using video throughout your marketing means you can reach more people with less effort. Video has become much more affordable in recent years, with companies, like ourselves  producing video quickly and cost effectively. Video content appeals particularly to mobile users, and one study found that ‘video content is shared 1200% more than links and text posts combined, and over half of that video content is viewed on mobiles’. So,if you are not using video you are missing out on a potentially huge audience.

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2. Using Video increases your website retention rates

Using video on your website is a great way to increase visitor traffic, and once prospects have landed on your website, video can help them stay on your website for longer. So, how can video achieve this? Here at Ginger we recommend a package of just 3 videos that will then lead and guide a viewer through your website, and here are those 3 videos: Firstly a website homepage video, which will engage the viewer, then a product or benefit video which will tell the viewer more about your product or service and what it can do for them, and finally a case study video will provide them with the social proof they need to help make the sale.

3. Video brings your products or services to life 

Using video content on your website or on social media really does help bring your business, product or service to life. People now expect, and enjoy being able to watch a video about a product or service rather than read about it. Also some products or services can be difficult to explain, show or demonstrate in written text, and videos can showcase these in a way written text and pictures can’t.

4. Video incites more engagements on social media

What happens when you see an interesting or exciting video on social media, you share it with your friends or tag people in it, right? Well, this is exactly the same for your video marketing content; 45% of people watch over 60 minutes of videos on Facebook or YouTube a week. Also LinkedIn, although not recognised for being a video platform, is a crucial networking platform for B2B marketers that has over 350 million registered users. With the opportunity to now use native video on LinkedIn you could be persuading those important connections of yours to engage with your content by using video.

Reasons to use video in your Marketing Plan

5. Video boosts conversions and sales 

Videos can make a huge difference to sales and conversion rates, with people who watch a video of your product or service being as much as 85% more likely to purchase. Video really can add a trusting face to your business, and using videos throughout your sales funnel will help people to gain the confidence to buy from you. Using videos on landing pages, in social media, email campaigns and throughout all your digital marketing will all help boost conversions. Did you know that marketers who use video grow revenue 49% faster than non-video users?

6. Video gives an SEO boost

Adding optimised video to your website increases your chances of appearing higher in search engine results. Are you aware that Google just sees a blank yellow box unless the video is ‘optimised’? If your video is scripted to include relevant key words, and then key words, tags and descriptions added to the video it stands a far higher chance of being found by the search engines. Where appropriate we always ensure that the videos we produce for our clients are fully optimised, giving them a greater chance of being found in the search engines.

7. Google loves video!

Hey, if the first 6 reasons weren’t convincing enough then this has to be! Google loves video, and we mean love! In fact you’re 53 times more likely to show up first in a Google search if you have a video embedded on your website. And considering Google is the biggest and most used search engine in the world, you might want to take advantage of this!  Get video in your marketing plan!

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Written by Jo Ginger

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