Before, During And After: Using Video In Your Conference Marketing

August 20, 2018

Anyone who’s been to a lot of events and conferences knows that it’s energy that drives success in the world of events. That feeling of excitement, anticipation and inspiration prompts people to attend in the first place, and then has them coming back for more each year. But how do you create that energy and excitement around your conference, and capture it to use next time? A great way to foster creative energy in your conference goers and your potential new conference goers is to incorporate video into your conference promotion strategy. By creating videos of your conferences, you can showcase the vitality, tone and enthusiasm of the event, convincing wavering ticket buyers to come along and see it for themselves. But how does video fit into your event promotion or conference marketing strategy ? In 3 stages:

Before The Event

 Using video before your event is all about generating that crucial enthusiasm for people who’ve already bought tickets. It’s also really useful for persuading those who were on the fence about attending to come along, as it looks too good to miss. You can do this by offering a conference ‘sneak peak’, giving people a behind the scenes look at what their experience will be like. A few other things you can use video for before the event are:

– Include B-Roll footage. ‘B-roll’ refers to footage that’s different from the primary footage from the event. So while your main footage might be of speakers and workshops, your b-roll footage would be of people chatting, sharing a beer or having lunch. Pairing this with a voiceover about how the event brings people together for learning as well as fun helps drive home the tone of your event with prospective attendees.

– Include testimonials from many different voices and personalities. You want your potential attendees to be able to imagine themselves coming along and participating in this event, so showing them some real people who have been talking about how great it was is a must. But make sure you vary the types of people you include so that you hit lots of different personality types.

– Don’t try to do too much with one video. If you’re trying to generate enthusiasm, the key is to keep it short. If you think you’ve got a lot to say, try splitting it down into several different videos instead, each with a single goal. This will give you more to share online and a way to build the hype without boring anyone. Your single goal could be a ‘save the date’ video, a conference landing page, or even to woo speakers into coming along.


During The Event

Once the event is up and running, the video value doesn’t stop. One of the best ways to use video during an event is to get people talking about the conference’s content, both in person and online. For example, releasing a video clip of a panel during the conference online will get more people (some of who aren’t even attending) chiming in, having conversations and creating more momentum for your event. You can use video to introduce your speakers, live stream during socials to showcase the vibe, and even use videos during talks and workshops to illustrate the content.


After The Event

When an event ends, people usually leave feeling inspired to take action. But over time, that inspiration fades, and people start to fall back into the mundane. But with video, you can extend those memories and remind people why they attended, what they intend to bring back into their daily lives and why they should come back next time.

If you’re putting on an event and inviting some fantastic speakers, the odds are you think this will add value for your customers in some way. So why would you want to confine that to just the people who show up? Once the conference has been and gone, you still want to showcase your value and knowledge to your customers. Watching videos of conference speakers has exploded in popularity since the invention of Ted Talks, and now there are a huge number of people who seek out talk videos to learn new things. By providing some video content of your conference freely, you help keep people engaged and interested to find out more. Recaps, highlights and speaker recordings are all great ways to do this.

And of course, another big benefit of having a video of your conference or event is that you can use it to promote the next one! Attendance is something delegates often worry about with this sort of event, and there is a certain distrust in the ‘average attendance’ numbers for some events. But with a conference video, you can showcase just how successful your event was, and give wavering attendees a great reason to sign up and come along. There are few things more compelling than seeing a bustling conference centre and an inspirational speaker with your own eyes, which makes conference videos a fantastic marketing tool for your next event.

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At GingerVideo, we love filming conferences. Our experienced team have spent years working with events and conference producers large and small, and understand all of the challenges of filming large events. From single camera filming to large scale multi-camera shoots our team delivers high quality video solutions for a variety of events and conferences. And we not only help you film your conference, but we work with you to create a bespoke video plan that will help you understand what to do with the footage and how to make the most of it before, during and after your event. So if you’re planning a conference and want some inspirational footage behind it, we’d love to hear from you!

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Written by Neil Ginger

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