The Benefits of Using Video in eLearning and Training

June 20, 2017

Freshen Up Your eLearning and Training With Video

eLearning is a fast-increasing market. An increasing amount of people are looking for online solutions as a way to offer education and training, such as using video in eLearning.

Today’s workforce has become more mobile and so eLearning helps tailor to this. Education and training can be offered almost anywhere and provides a solution to holding costly training days that not everyone can attend.

Video has also become more favourable, not just in marketing but also in the workplace. More employees now expect video in their company’s training and internal communications.

Visual and auditory elements are essential in any successful training content; this makes video the perfect medium to use to freshen up your eLearning and training courses!

6 Benefits of Using Video in eLearning and Training

1. Keep viewers engaged

It’s almost become a common fact to know people are more engaged by video than photos and plain text.  Most people would choose to watch a video rather than read a long book or guide if given the choice,

As a matter of fact, video breaks up boring, monotonous training sessions and intensive reading loads.

2. Demonstrate complex topics and concepts

Explainer videos and demonstrations are the perfect way of breaking down complex topics and concepts in a way that the viewer can easily understand.

Your eLearning could also include how-to videos! This may be how to perform a specific task or how to use a product – something that is likely to be better understood by watching a demonstration.

Woman watching an explainer video in training

3. Increase knowledge retention

Information is more easily stored through video and learners are more likely to remember what they were taught.

Watching videos is proven to increase knowledge retention by 25 – 60%. It is important to not overload the brain so the learner can understand exactly what it is you’re trying to teach them.

4. Better convey emotion, behaviour and culture

As human beings, our brains are built to establish trust through face-to-face contact. Video better conveys emotion, behaviour and culture in a way text simply cannot.

Likewise, body language and verbal tone are better displayed through video and play a huge role in conveying the right message. The visual storytelling element of video helps the viewer connect to, and understand, the ideas and messages presented.

Woman watching a health and safety video in elearning

5. Easily present a large amount of information

Reading simply takes much longer than watching, and so video is a great way of condensing your content.

Videos allow you to pull in other visual content such as extra images or graphics to help explain your message further. Still, large amounts of text are more tedious than videos. A lot of information can be presented quickly in a way people are more likely to understand and remember.

6. Prompt discussion and shares

People are naturally inclined to share and discuss video content. With the increasing use of social media and other digital platforms it’s easier than ever to share content you enjoy.

Videos are also more likely to prompt people to express themselves, and also better relate to the situation. This is a great way of triggering talks about a topic.

Video is the medium of the moment – it’s almost unavoidable. A lot of people are attracted to watching videos and it’s important to keep this in mind when building your eLearning and training courses.

What good is it if training can’t be remembered 2 months down the line?

Also, video content use is consistently increasing. By 2019, video content is expected to account for 80% of Internet traffic worldwide. Make your courses engaging, memorable and inspiring by using video in eLearning and Training.

If you’d like to learn more about how you can using video in eLearning and training, visit our Training specialisms page.

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Written by Jo Ginger

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