Using Images on Social Media to Increase Engagement

August 23, 2016

How to Increase Engagement on Social Media

Nearly everyone and their Grandma is on social media now. Social media is a very powerful, frequently used platform; it can reach huge audiences and can help increase brand awareness.

However, posting on social media can easily become repetitive. No matter how many tweets you send out, it can feel like your followers are ignoring you and you’re getting nowhere with zero engagement.

Stop and think why this might be…

Social media streams are fast moving. In just one minute Twitter users send 9,678 emoji-filled tweets (that’s 580,680 in just one hour). Also, most activity on social media is influenced by the use of visual content.

So how are YOU going to make YOUR posts stand out?

9 Ways You Can Use Images to Increase Engagement on Social Media

1. Understand your community

If you want to engage your online following you will need to understand them.

What interests your followers? Knowing the answer to this will help you in structuring the images you post accordingly, ensuring that your followers are seeing content they are actually interested in.

2. Use engaging images

When posting on social media you are essentially competing with all the other companies that are trying to attract the attention of your target market.

You need to stand out against your competitors and you aren’t going to do this using stock photos. Use engaging, original images to draw attention to your content – these are personal and unique to you, and your followers are more likely to find them interesting.

Be creative; make your images fun and engaging!

3. Promote your business

You can create a quick and lasting impression on social media. You can use images to surprise and engage your customers so that they remember who you are.

This is really effective when designing a social media strategy or when projecting your company to a larger audience. Experiment with your images and see what works for you – what generates the most engagement?

4. Tell a story

Whether you’d admit to it or not, everyone likes to be a little bit nosey and see what other people are up to. Share your company’s stories with your followers and use images to do it!

You might like to share what’s been happening at your company recently, or how you made and launched your new product or service. You can also tell your followers something slightly more personal, and give them something to relate to when it’s relevant. For example, we shared our favourite books on #NationalBookLoversDay.

Telling your story will help you progress from a nameless brand, to a company with real people and friendly faces behind it!

5. Share your testimonials

Using images in your reviews and testimonials is proven to be more effective when converting leads. It’s more realistic and persuasive to use an image rather than just written text.  You could also include a link to a video testimonial in your post.  There’s no reason why you cannot combine the use of images and video in social media.

Sharing your testimonials and reviews on social media sites enables them to be seen by a larger audience, and more people will see the great work that you do.

6. Brag about awards

How many times has a picture of a company at an awards ceremony caught your attention?

Has your company won anything worth sharing online? Show potential prospects how great your company is and the recognition it has gained. Sharing images of your achievements and awards is really effective when building an online reputation.

LinkedIn actually gives you a space to do this on your personal profile. You’ve earned the bragging rights to shout about it so do so on as many platforms as possible!

7. Promote your unique selling point

What makes you better than your competitors, why should your prospects buy from you instead of them? You may know the answers to these questions, but do your followers?

Images with text are a great way to highlight the benefits of your products and services. Your followers will first be drawn to the image and then they’ll read what you have to offer – let them know why they should be purchasing from you.

8. Use infographics

The use of infographics is a growing trend on social media. They are usually very eye-catching while offering a lot of information that is easy to process.

They can be effective when trying to simplify complex messages or processes, they can also be fairly easy to produce with design websites such as Canva.

9. Use an animated gif

If you want to cause an argument in the office, ask your colleagues how the word ‘gif’ is pronounced. Despite the argument of pronunciation, gifs are a growing trend in the world of social media (just like infographics). They are a fun way to make yourself stand out and they’ll surely grab your followers’ attention.

Twitter has its own gif library you can access when composing a tweet. You can also make your own gifs from an existing video, from scratch or from a series of images.

How to recognise if you’re increasing engagement:

It is almost essential that you are measuring your rate of engagement; track and monitor how well you are performing with your social media. The use of various platforms can be a powerful tool and when worked correctly, it can bring you a huge return on your investment.

Hopefully, your rate of engagement will increase. This will include gaining more likes, favourites, retweets, shares and link clicks on your posts.

If your analytics show that you are not doing as well as you had hoped, you can always revise you strategy – it’s all about trial and error!

We hope you found this blog post useful. If you have any comments or questions on how you can use images to increase response on social media, please feel free to get in touch.

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Written by Jo Ginger

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