How to Use Video in Your Sales Funnel | Tip #6

November 18, 2016

Using Video in Your Sales Funnel

Tip #6: Turn Your Funnel into a Cycle

This is the final tip in our ‘How to Use Video in Your Sales Funnel’ series! Here’s Tip #6 – turn your sale funnel into a cycle using video.

Your customers are already satisfied and engaged with your company, so why not sell them more?

Don’t lose contact with your clients! Make sure you keep them on your mailing list to ensure that your company and brand remains fresh in their minds – keep them in the loop! You can keep your existing customers informed of your latest products, offers and news all whilst trying to encourage them to make another purchase.

Click on the video below to watch the final tip, here’s Tip #6!

Here are some things you may want to keep in mind when using video to help turn your sales funnel into a cycle:

*  Use video to promote and explain your newest and latest products or offerings

*  You can create vlogs (video blogs) of what your company has been up to

*  Ask happy customers if they will record a video testimonial for you. These can be used earlier in the funnel too!

That’s the last of our ‘How to Use Video in Your Sales Funnel Tips’! If you missed any of the previous tips, or would like to give them another watch, you can find them here.

We hope you found Tip #6 and this series useful.

Written by Neil Ginger

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