How to Use Video in Your Sales Funnel | Tip #5

November 11, 2016

Using Video in Your Sales Funnel

Tip #5: Continue to Delight Your Customers Using Video

We’re bringing you Tip #5 of our ‘How to Use Video in Your Sales Funnel’ series – here’s why you should go the extra mile for your customers and continue to delight them using video!

You’ve made the sale and the client who was once a prospect, is now a customer. There’s no reason why you should stop delighting them now, it’d be a massive loss of opportunity! The customer is already engaged with your brand and you should continue to keep them engaged. Check in with them post sale and thank them for their business (this will also help create a positive customer experience).

Click on the video below to watch Tip #5!

Here’s a few things you could consider in relation to using video to continue to delight your customers:

  • Use instructional videos to help the customer post sale
  • FAQ Videos can help resolve any questions or queries about troubleshooting issues
  • You can also showcase your customer service staff in a video, show them as friendly and approachable

Here’s Tip #6, in case you missed the previous tip you can find the Video Marketing Tips here.

We hope you found Tip #5 useful, if you’d like to see the different types of video we produce, visit our Video Gallery.

Written by Neil Ginger

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