The Secrets To Using Video On Instagram

October 17, 2018

Since its creation in 2010, Instagram seems to be taking the social media world by storm. With 32% of all internet users on the site, having over 1 billion users, there being around 95 million photos uploaded each day and Instagram videos getting 2x’s the engagements of photos on any other social media platform … it’s not hard to see why its so popular and as a result, is the third most used social media platform in the world; after Facebook and YouTube.

When Instagram first started the founders stripped the app of all features except uploading photos, commenting and liking. So it was called Instagram (as people were sending a sort of instant telegram). However, over time this has all changed dramatically from it just being about photos to allowing users post Videos and stories and even stream live videos.

In this blog, we will be delving into the world of Instagram so you can maximise your use of the site and therefore gain more engagements on your own Instagram, whether it be on a business page or your personal page. Nonetheless, there are some things that are worth noting, Instagram is an app and therefore can’t be used on desktop to upload and post things but you can change other things such as your Bio, settings and profile picture.

Instagram is a great platform to add to your marketing strategy, and there are so many reasons why, here’s just a few, you increase customer engagement and loyalty, Can showcase products and services, Share Company or industry news, Build a more engaged community, and you can drive sales through traffic!

But first things first,

How To Upload A Video To Your Feed.

Firstly, tap the cross at the bottom of the screen.

Then, to upload a video from your phone’s library, tap Library (iPhone) or Gallery (Android) at the bottom of the screen and select the video you’d like to share.

If you would like to record a video from within the app, tap “Video” at the bottom of the screen.

To start recording press and hold the circle then lift your finger to stop. You can press and hold multiple times to record separate video clips and tap the spin icon to switch between the front and back cameras.

(Don’t forget the maximum video length is 60 seconds!)

Once you’ve recorded or uploaded the video you would like to share, you can add a filter, a caption and the location the video was taken before sharing to your followers.

The next thing to think about when uploading a video to Instagram is simple … when’s the best time?

When To Upload Your Video.

Research done by multiple social media orientated companies such as MarketingProfs and CoSchedule say that there are certain days and times that get you the most engagements. Between 11am and 2pm is said to be the optimum time to post to Instagram because its around lunchtime when everyone is checking their social media for a mid day update, and the days with the most interactions were Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays.

This may not be typical for everyone but its somewhere to start if you don’t already have a social media strategy in place for Instagram or you want to change up your strategy to test engagement levels.

Other elements that make up Instagram and are important to consider are Stories and Instagram Live.

Instagram Stories

Instagram stories can be a great way to add another level of interaction between your company and its followers. Similar to Snapchat, Instagram stories let users post videos and photos that vanish after 24 hours. When someone you follow has added something to their story a colourful ring will appear around their profile picture at the top of your screen, all you have to do to view it is tap.

To add a story of your own just press the camera icon in the top left of the screen or swipe from left to right to show the story camera.

Take a photo or record a video like you would normally, then you can add a range of fun and interesting features to the screen to make your story eye catching and interesting to look at. Some of these features include: stickers, locations, polls, questions, different colours and fonts for text, pens for drawing and of course … filters!

You can also do some basic analytics to show you how many times people have viewed the post on your story and how many people have viewed it.

Instagram Live

This is a feature that allows users to broadcast live videos to other users on the platform (similar to FB live). The process for starting an Instagram live is pretty much the same to that of uploading to your story.

To start, tap the camera icon in the top left of the screen or swipe left to right.

Then find “Live” at the bottom of the screen, and select “Start Live Video”.

Once you’ve begun a live stream, the number of viewers appears at the top of the screen and comments appear at the bottom. You can tap “Comment” to add a comment, and hold it down to pin it to the top so that viewers can see it more easily.

When you’re done, tap “End” in the top right then tap to confirm. From there, you can Save your live stream from the top right and it will go straight to your camera roll, alternatively you can just share it to your story so that people who missed the live stream can see it later on.

Lastly, Instagram has recently introduced a new feature to its never-ending repertoire and created it its own separate app … IGVT.

Instagram TV

IGTV is a standalone vertical video application owned by Instagram made primarily for smartphones. Unlike Instagram however, it allows users to upload vertical videos that can last up to 10 minutes in length or up to 60 minutes if you are a verified user… but that’s an entirely new blog for another day.

I hope you find this blog useful. If you have any other questions don’t hesitate to contact us Here or read some of our other blogs about video on social media such as:

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Written by Jo Ginger

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