The Second Screen Phenomenon

June 5, 2019

So, what is ‘The Second Screen Phenomenon?’ Now this ‘phenomenon’ isn’t a new one, but the concept and room for improvement is huge! You may or may not have heard of it before, but by the end of this blog you are going to be well versed in the subject.

We are going to be going through what this trend is, how it works and examples of how it can be implemented, you might even be doing it already!

What Is It?

Firstly, what on earth are we talking about? Well the ‘second screen’ is a second electronic device used by TV watchers to connect with a program they’re watching.

A second screen is often a smartphone or tablet, where a special complementary app or website allows the viewer to interact with a program in a different way. The device in use then gets labelled a ‘TV companion device’. The second screen phenomenon represents an attempt to make TV more interactive for viewers, and help promote social buzz around specific programs and events.

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How It Works?

Today, many networks will provide additional coverage of events online, whether that‘s a sporting event, a competition, a game show or a reality show. This extra video footage can bolster your viewing experience by storing replays or memorable moments from the programmes for later viewing. Using an app or website that is related to the programme you are watching is an easy way to enhance the viewing experience, and is typically free.

The second screen is also ideal for social media integration, allowing you to quickly interact with other users watching the same programmes on Twitter or Facebook, to comment on what’s happening live, and to participate in polls or contests.

This brings us back to the roots of what the Second screen is and how that is linked to the way it works: It isn’t necessarily interactive, social, or enhanced TV; it’s more like personalised TV. This is because it allows you to delve deeper into statistics, unseen information and other features, in turn allowing you to learn more about what you are watching than the average TV viewer.

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There are lots of ways I can make this relatable to the average TV watcher, like you.

One of those is downloading apps that allow you to vote and see behind the scenes footage from reality shows such as ‘I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here’. Their app was downloaded more than 1 Million times over the course of the show in 2018. This was also the most popular way for people to vote during the show. Therefore acting as a great device companion app for your second screen.

Another is using betting apps such as ‘Sky Bet’ to view statistics of players while watching sporting events to enable you to see up to date information and keep on track of more that 1 event at a time. For example, if your favourite team is playing football but you still want to keep an eye on the cricket score at the same time.

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Taking the power of the second screen and then employing the mind-set that people like to watch 2 devices at one time, can also serve in your favour. If there is a popular TV show on surrounding your industry and you know when the ad breaks are… this would be prime posting time for your social media! Viewers are more than likely already using their phones due to this phenomenon, therefore giving your posts the maximum exposure; you can even enhance this further by using hash tags from the show on platforms such as Twitter.

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Written by Jo Ginger

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