Finding The Right Tone Of Voice For Your Video

May 9, 2019

In business, it’s not just about what you say, but also the way you say it. You need to be able to understand and dissect your own way of speaking – the structure of your words, the tone of your voice, the pace you speak at, and your verbal rhythm. If you don’t understand how you speak, then you could be sending all manner of mixed messages when you’re lecturing or conversing with someone.

It’s crucial to find the right tone of voice for any video you or your business may be publishing in the future. This article will endeavour to lead you towards the correct tones to use for your videos, without being too over-informative.

Why Your Tone Is Important

Very briefly, your tone of voice is important because it’s an expression of your company’s brand. If you are haughty, no one will ever buy from you or use your services. But if you are friendly, open, chatty, and sincere, then you’ll find that your business will quickly become more popular and more people will be happy to watch your videos.

The goal of any video that includes a voice is to build trust and build a relationship between a potential consumer and your business. You can influence and persuade people with your tone and the words you use. Of course, it’s not something you can do overnight, but it is entirely possible to use your voice and your expressions to entice people into using your business’ services.

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Understand Your Values

To begin finding the right tone of voice, first, you must understand the values of your company and how they fit with your own language. At your company’s core, is how do you treat your clients? What do they mean to you? Do you, personally, believe in your company? If you don’t, you’ll find it much harder to relate to your clientele.

To identify your or your company’s values, get to the root of the business. Ask around – why was the company set up in the beginning? What did it set out to accomplish? Once the reason for the company’s existence is completely clear to you, it’s more likely that you’ll be able to identify and relate to what you’re trying to accomplish on the company’s behalf.

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There are hundreds of different tones of voice that humans use. We are extremely apt at changing the way we talk to someone based on how we believe they should be spoken to.

Choosing your tone doesn’t need to be difficult. Speak to your clients the way you would speak to a friend when telling them about something they may have never come across before. Be excited about your own products and services, and believe in them yourself. Be approachable but add in a hint of something a little enticing. You should be able to hold your audience with your tone, even if you don’t have the best vocabulary to use. The way you say something can be more powerful than what you say.

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At Ginger Video, we work closely with our clients to make sure they get the right tone of voice for their videos, every time. If you would like to find out more about the different tones of voice you could use, or how we use tone to create unique, engaging videos, just get in touch with us today.

Written by Neil Ginger

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