The 5 Stages Of Video PPC Growth

November 28, 2018

PPC (or pay per click) advertising has been around for a long time. But until recently, it was mainly limited to only text and picture ads, which made competition fierce. But over the last year or so, video has started to infiltrate PPC advertising more and more. The problem is, many businesses think that video PPC ads through Facebook or Google are out of their reach, or that they would need a small fortune to make them work. But that’s simply not the case. In fact, video ads are within the reach of many businesses, especially if they’re targeted and managed appropriately. So this week, we wanted to go through what’s involved in the 5 stages of PPC video advertising growth, and how it can help you save even the lowest performing Facebook/Google ads.


Stage 1 – Discovery


Before you even put pen to paper on a storyboard or pick up a camera, there’s a lot of work to do. The best marketing campaigns – video or not – are carefully planned and researched, so that’s where we start. We undertake a detailed discovery process to understand exactly what our customers want to gain from their video ads. This will include who their ideal audience is to view those ads, what they want them to feel and the actions they want them to take next. Once we understand that, we can move onto keyword research.

Even though the ad will be primarily made up of video, keywords are still an important factor. Your descriptions, transcripts, scripting and metadata all need to be peppered with carefully chosen keywords that will prompt Google and/or Facebook to display your ads to the right people. We will do detailed competitor and keyword research to find the best performing keywords for your video ad, and use them throughout your ad campaign.


Stage 2 – Campaign Architecture


The next step is to set up your campaign. This involves designing each stage of the campaign, from the initial ad and its surrounding metadata, and following the customer journey to the end. By designing the campaign architecture before you start setting up pages, you get a clear picture of each element of your campaign, and how they will all interact. You can spot gaps, optimise the structure and identify what you need to prepare for each stage. This means you aren’t just optimising your campaign – you’re saving money, time and energy avoiding unnecessary work.

Stage 3 – Set Up High Performing Landing Pages


While many people think that the actual ad is the core of your PPC ad campaign, we argue that it’s the landing pages who are the true stars of the show. Once you have hooked a viewer with your paid ad, you need somewhere for them to go. Many campaigns fail at this point because their campaigns just direct people to a generic contact page, or their website’s homepage. But if you want your campaign to succeed, you need to set up some targeted, high converting landing pages, each featuring a laser focussed video and text.

These pages should state the USP of your chosen product/service, along with the 3 main benefits. The aim of these pages is to take the viewer to a bespoke landing page with a clear call to action, that is directly related to the ad they just clicked on. The text and video on the page will match, and include an easy way for the prospect to get in touch.

Stage 4 – Drive Targeted Traffic


Now that your campaign is set up, it’s time to drive traffic! This is where your paid search comes in. If you’re using Google, you will need to set up a Google AdWords account and build your PPC ad campaign. This will need to include all of those keywords we talked about earlier, as well as a hooky headline and most importantly, your video.

If you’re using Facebook, you’ll need to set up a new account, and just need to fill in the similar information you used for Google AdWords, and define the audience you want to reach.

Both platforms give you granular levels of detail and control over the people who will see your ad, and this is where all of that research in stage 1 really pays off. Once you’ve got all of that set up, it’s time to hit the go button!


Stage 5 – Monitor And Optimise Campaign


You might think that’s it. Now the ad is live, our job is done. But we’re not one for leaving things half finished. Once your ad is live, we will be monitoring its progress and making small tweaks to improve its performance. The success and growth of your PPC campaign will be very short-lived if you ignore this crucial stage. Instead, we review your account daily to check your money is being spent in the best possible way, driving profit into your business. Using this approach of testing and measuring, we can help you get the happily-ever-after ending you want for your PPC campaign – leads that convert to sales.


At Ginger Video, we craft bespoke video PPC ads that match your ad every time. With our help, you can create a bespoke, high performing Facebook and Google PPC campaign with video at its heart. One that will improve your performance and drive highly targeted traffic to your website. Thanks to laser focussed conversion videos, crafted scripting and carefully structured campaigns, our video advertising campaigns never fail to deliver results.


If you want to work with a team that has your goals as its main focus, and delivers well-qualified leads for you to convert then please give us a call and ask us about how you can use video to outperform the ‘normal’ Google and Facebook ads.

Written by Neil Ginger

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