No Nonsense Guide to Marketing With YouTube Part 2.

August 30, 2019

If you read last week’s blog about how to use videos on YouTube you should now be more knowledgeable about the topic.

If you didn’t get to read it and want to know more here’s the link :https://gingervideo.co.uk/blog/no-nonsense-guide-to-marketing-with-youtube-part-1/

As a recap we covered “The 4 main things you should focus on to IMPROVE your marketing when uploading a video to YouTube’.

In Part 2 we cover “How to USE the video in your marketing’.

1. Publish Video to all social media and topic relevant pages

Getting your video noticed is key to gaining followers and views on your video. So posting it onto all the social media platforms that your target audience spends time on is sure to give you a head start in bringing in traffic to your website or even help with bringing leads.

Finding groups to post in is also great because you can find strategic partners as well as viewers all in the same place.

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2. Email your regular email list. (If you don’t have one then build one!)

Letting existing subscribers, clients or fans know that you have posted a new video on YouTube gives them a chance to see new content before any of the public do.

It makes them feel as though they are important, making them a valued member of your contacts.

If you don’t have a list of people to email, build one before launching the video. This can be done by adding a form onto your website or adding a sign up sheet onto your social media. This allows people to add themselves onto your list making it as relevant as it could be.

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3. Link people to your Video rather than to a blog.

If you want to let your email list know that you have a new video, showcasing your product or service, it is much better to send them a link straight to the video on YouTube rather than to a blog, which contains the video.

This ensures you gain both views and traffic to your video. Another advantage is that if you have other videos on your channel you can promote others with the use of ‘End Cards’.

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4. Embed the video in a blog as a secondary alert

If you want to link your video to a blog then make sure you embed the video in your blog post or have a hyperlink to it somewhere in your blog. You could also put the link to that specific blog in the description of your video on YouTube, so that people can switch back and forth between the two and it is really clear that they are linked.

Doing this can also then also trigger people to follow your blog and/or subscribe to your YouTube channel. Embedding the video in a blog works as a secondary alert for Google, telling them that you have information about this topic in 2 places, which optimises the relevancy of your topic.

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5. Include a call to action for people to ‘like, comment and share’ when posting your video.

Getting interaction and engagements on social media can really increase the reach of your video. This can be done by encouraging current clients, networking colleagues, family and friends of friends to view your video and then share it. You will then gain authority and encourage more shares, which in turn will equal a higher reach for your video.

The more engagements you receive, the more Google will recognise your business and therefore boost its position within its organic search rankings. (This means Google starts sending more people to your video and in turn, your webpages.)

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If you’re still unsure about marketing and optimising your video after reading both this week and last week’s blog, come to us here at GingerVideo where we have a simple solution.

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Written by Jo Ginger

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