No Nonsense Guide to Marketing With YouTube: Part 1

August 19, 2019

When you acquire a new video for your business, it needs to be integrated into your marketing plan to make sure you get the most out of it. This can be tricky as there are so many different elements to consider while trying to make sure it is as optimised as it can be and delivering you the best ROI.

Many people fail to use YouTube effectively as a Social Media platform, usually because of lack of knowledge.

In this blog we walk you through a checklist of 4 main things that will make a huge difference in your marketing when you’re thinking about uploading a video to YouTube.

1.Determine Video Specific Keywords

Try and put yourself into your client’s shoes. Think of words and phrases that you consider people to be typing into Google when searching for a product or service similar to the one you are advertising. To get you started on what your keywords could be, think of words you would use to describe your product or service or related products that could be placed in the same bracket.

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2. Customise and tailor content

Make sure that the post accompanying your video for each of your social media platforms is specific to the audience found there  For example, using elements like hash tags on Twitter or location tags on Facebook can be really valuable and helps your audience find you!

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3. Include keywords everywhere

You should include keywords anywhere you feel they would be most beneficial. Find that list of terms you made from the first point in this list and add them into the title, description, tags and end cards. The more relevant keywords you place into the different SEO elements of the video the more likely you are to be found by people who are looking for your product or service.

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4. Embed your Video

Embed your video on relevant sites to help find more people in your target market, while also building affiliate partnerships with others.  

Find experts in the subject your video is surrounding and ask them to place your video on their website. Associating your video with those who are authorities in the field instantly makes you and your videos a reliable source for people to watch, buy from or gain information from.

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Written by Jo Ginger

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