Here’s What We Know About Native Video on LinkedIn

September 27, 2017

We're excited - and you should be too!

Let’s just say native video on LinkedIn has been a dream of ours for a long time.

Previously, when it’s come to sharing video content on LinkedIn, we’ve been painfully sharing YouTube and Vimeo links for what feels like an age. We’ve been eagerly waiting to be able to upload video files to the platform. Not to mention, sharing links goes against everything else we promote when it comes to uploading your videos to any other social media.

Uploading native video is always the better option; that’s why we’re excited for the rollout of native video on LinkedIn.

Better late than never!

Until very recently the feature was not accessible to us. We’re still holding out for the feature to become accessible to company pages as well as personal profiles.

The feature has also now been made available on desktop, as well as the mobile app, and is accessed the same way as if you were uploading an image.

We’re fans of LinkedIn’s ‘better late than never’ approach. It’ll be interesting to see how video takes off on this platform considering it is so well consumed everywhere else.

Even if you don’t yet have access to the feature yet, you should still be excited!

3 Reasons to Make Use of Native Video on LinkedIn

Reaching a B2B audience

We may be pointing out the obvious here, but being able to upload video content on LinkedIn enables you to reach people with video on a B2B basis.

Yes, you can share YouTube and Vimeo links, but native video content will always be better at engaging an audience. LinkedIn is far better suited to reaching a B2B audience than the likes of Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat.

Your video content will be consumed in a professional context, which is great news for those with a B2B target audience.

Video on LinkedIn mobile app illustration

Access rich and valuable data

We’re almost relieved to see that LinkedIn provides valuable statistics, such as views, shares and likes on your video content. This is something that was not available when sharing YouTube and Vimeo links.

Much like when you view your profile statistics, LinkedIn also gives you an insight to who’s seen your video. It provides rich data on your brand’s audience, including job titles, workplaces and sectors – so you can see exactly who you’re reaching on LinkedIn.

Video statistics on computer illustration

Your posts become more personable

Video helps make your posts more personal. Simple text (and sometimes images) can struggle to make a personal connection with the person seeing them. Video better engages people – it’s a fact.

Native video content will not only boost your storytelling on LinkedIn, but will also refresh it.

Get posting!

We’re extremely pleased that LinkedIn has finally recognised the benefits their users can gain by using native video content on their platform.

If native video on LinkedIn takes off like video on any platform, we’re sure it’s set to be big! We’re interested to see how people utilise this new feature to connect with their audiences.

And of course, we can’t wait to use it more ourselves!

If you’re liked to see how we will utilise video on LinkedIn, you can follow our company page. or Check out our other blog on the 4 Benefits of Using Native Video In Your Marketing 

Written by Jo Ginger

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