7 Ways You Can Get More Sales From Whiteboard Animation

December 13, 2016

How to Get More Sales from Explainer Videos

There are plenty of tools to get your message across to your target audience; you can write blog articles, post on social media, offer eBooks and create infographics – the list goes on! But, have you considered the use of Whiteboard Animation videos? Find out below how you can get more sales with Whiteboard Animation.

Whiteboard Animation is extremely effective in marketing your brand and increasing your sales. These animation videos are a creative storytelling method, using a whiteboard and pen to draw a message.

7 Ways you can Get More Sales with Whiteboard Animation

1. Increase brand recognition

Whiteboard videos are a great way of improving your brand awareness and recognition.

The Internet is flooded with brands using the same tools to market their brand and when it comes to getting your message across to your prospects in such a saturated market, you could find your advertising is being ignored. Whiteboard Animation stands out compared to traditional marketing content.

2. Breakdown complex ideas

Whiteboard Animation isn’t just used for promotional purposes; these videos can also be educational. It helps simplify a complex idea by making it fun and understandable.

Most importantly, video can improve both learning and message retention. Prospects are more likely to understand and remember what you have told them about your products or services.

Complicated, boring messages can be made fun and engaging, and complex processes and systems can be broken down effectively.

Crowd engaged by whiteboard animation

3. Boost website traffic

Reports show that 64% of users are more likely to buy a product online after watching a video. Videos can encourage more engagement and increase confidence in your products or services. Ultimately, with with increased traffic comes increased sales.

It is also known that using a video on a landing page can increase conversion rates by 80%. Whiteboard Animation features engaging, creative content and so can help guide the viewers through your website.

4. Improve email marketing

Including a video in an email can increase your click-through rate by 200-300%. It is an easy way of boosting your email marketing strategy! You can read more about How Using Video Helps Boost Email Open Rates here!

You can ensure that your product, service, or offer stands out, while also delivering a clear and concise message.

Engaging content is less likely to lead to unsubscribes from your mailing lists and can help grow your client base. Prospects remain engaged with your brand this way.

5. Highlight the benefits of your products or services

Put your products or services in the spotlight and highlight the benefits of what you have to offer. Whiteboard Animation allows you to illustrate the advantages of what you’re selling.

Pulling your viewers into the story surrounding your brand is a great way to get them to understand and identify the benefits you offer, which makes it much easier to close the sale.

Cartoon watching video on a computer

6. Promote your marketing messages

These types of videos should contain a clear purpose and outcome. Video should serve more of a purpose than just looking pretty, they’re also a marketing and sales tool.

It is important you decide your goals and what you aim to achieve with your video at the start of the video production process. With this in mind, the script and whole video can be developed with your specific marketing messages in mind.

7. Increase your search engine ranking

Prospects are more likely to find your business if you’re higher up in the search engine rankings.

You can decide the keywords you want to be found for when producing a Whiteboard Animation video. Once the video is completed and uploaded to YouTube, SEO can be applied to it – just like you do with a website! The video’s SEO along with other metadata, such as the title and the description of the video, really do help boost your search engine ranking.

Video is a really powerful means of communicating with your target audience. Whiteboard Animation is a cost-effective method of producing videos that engage your audience and motive them to purchase from you.

Click to watch our video below on why you should use Whiteboard Animation:

If you’d like to see more of our whiteboard animation videos, visit our video gallery, or check out our other blog on how your brand could use whiteboard videos.

Written by Neil Ginger

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