Make Your Video Stand Out on YouTube

September 12, 2017

How to Make Your Video Stand Out

As video content becomes bigger and more favourable, there are now more ways than ever to host your video. However, YouTube still seems to be the one on the tip of everyone’s tongue – 5 billion videos are watched on YouTube everyday!

Video marketing should tie in with all your marketing efforts, but the size and popularity of YouTube makes it a great place to start when it comes to promoting your video. Equally, you can follow these tips for other similar platforms, including Vimeo and Facebook!

Where to start?

You’ve received the final edit of your video and have found your way around how to upload it to YouTube, but where do you start with everything from there?

Confused Guy Looking at Video on Laptop


Writing a title can actually be pretty easy. Titles are a simple way of making your video stand out on YouTube. It might initially take some brain-power, but pick something that cleverly and interestingly describes your video so that people want to click on it.


In case your title is a little too vague for some viewers, the description can help provide extra information. Write a brief summary of the video’s content and consider adding important links such as your company’s website or social media.


The thumbnail is a crucially important part of whether someone clicks to watch your video or not. The thumbnail is the small image that shows up when the video is made public. If your video’s thumbnail looks interesting or intriguing it’s more likely to engage the viewer.

Thumbnails are also important because they can show up in Google’s search results.

Here’s a couple of examples of some thumbnails for our recent video productions:

GingerVideo Thumbnail Examples


Tags are the words and phrases you can add to the video to help it get found on YouTube and in the search engines. Adding tags helps give it a chance to stand out amongst the millions of other videos on the video hosting platform. Tag anything that is relevant to the content of your video, and also what you want to be found for in the search results.

Next steps

You’ve got a wonderfully crafted title and description. Someone’s curated the thumbnail and added the tags, but what’s next?

Optimising your YouTube channel

YouTube has the option to customise your channel with your company’s branding. This gives you the opportunity to have your channel reflect exactly what you represent as a company.

Easy ways to do this include adding a logo, a channel banner and a brief description about your company. Similar to the descriptions on the individual videos, you may choose to add your company’s website or social media links.

Take a little look at our YouTube channel below; we have a banner that reflects our recent work, our logo and various descriptions for the videos.

GingerVideo Branded YouTube Channel Example

Marathon, not a sprint

As previously mentioned, video marketing should tie in with all your marketing efforts and YouTube should be just one of the ways you’re trying to get people watching your video content. Unfortunately, you can’t just upload a video to YouTube and expect 1000’s of views from your target market straight away.

The good news is that your video does not have to reach everyone for it to make an impact; it’s all about reaching the right audience in the right place. You can post your video on your social media channels where you have already built up a relevant following, host the video on your website or use the video in your email marketing.

You can also consider using paid advertisements, including pre-roll ads on YouTube.

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Written by Jo Ginger

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