Here’s Why We Love Shorter Videos!

March 21, 2017

And Why You Should Love Them Too!

On average, a human’s attention span is now shorter than that of a goldfish. A shorter attention span calls for shorter videos!

A study from Microsoft reveals that we now have an attention span of 8 seconds! Assuming you’re human, a goldfish has a longer attention span at 9 seconds.

We’re not about to get all scientific on you, but with the obsession for a digitally driven lifestyle, we’re literally becoming more impatient.

Long gone are lengthy videos listing 101 reasons why someone should buy your product – how do you connect with an audience that can easily lose interest after 8 seconds?

The Importance of the First 8 Seconds

Technically, you should’ve lost interest by now but we hope that you’re still with us!

In the fast growing digital world, more people of all ages are engaging with social media and online content. Those that are more involved with the digital world struggle to focus where prolonged attention is needed.

Why Shorter Videos?

Are we just lazy or is this what we’ve become accustomed to?

Including the advertisements plastered all over social media, we’re exposed to a large amount of digital content. It would become almost exhausting to have to read and digest it all. We’ve become better at identifying what we do, or don’t, want to engage with (this is where the importance of the first 8 seconds comes in).

Digital watch, shorter videos timing

If you fail to catch the attention of the viewer within the first 8 seconds, they will scroll past or click off your video. Your company’s messages cannot be received if the video is not watched.

Someone could be exposed to your company for the first time at any point. They are likely to spend even less time engaging with your content as they are not invested in your brand.

The first 8 seconds needs to be enticing enough for the viewer to want to watch the rest of it. On Facebook and Twitter, videos automatically play in the news feed without any sound (stay tuned as Facebook are actually changing their approach to this). It’s important to hook the viewer so that instead of scrolling past your video content, they choose to watch it.

If the viewer engages with your content and watches your video, then you have a greater chance of communicating your message. Therefore, you have more chance of selling your product/service.

Yes, your video can still be longer than 8 seconds!

Don’t be mistaken, this small time frame doesn’t have to fit everything you want to tell the viewer. Shorter videos are great but there’s no harm in your video extending past 8 seconds.

The trick is to make the first 8 seconds appealing enough to watch the rest of the video. Dissatisfied online users are now less tolerant; you wouldn’t want the viewer to associate negative connotations with your company and content.

Where you plan to use the video is just as important when considering the length of it. For example, on social media or on the homepage of your website is where video content should be kept shorter.

Users are more likely to be exposed to your company for the first time on these platforms, so are less willing to invest a large amount of time. Users are more likely to choose to watch and engage with shorter videos.

Cartoon watching video on a computer

Getting the right balance

Suitably longer videos should be found deeper in your website. Once the user has spent some time looking further into what you have to offer, they’re more likely to commit to watching a longer video. The further into the website they are, the more invested they become.

Even when producing a longer video, it’s important to remember that if the first 8 seconds are uninteresting, the user is still likely to click off. You should strike the right balance of length for your video.

Take a look at the Whiteboard Animation video below, we focused on trying to catch the viewer’s attention with a punchy introduction.

Did you see how we turned Neil Ginger into an illustrated character? And the sound effects we used to liven up the first few seconds? It has some humour to it, and we wanted the viewer to continue watching the video to discover more about our Whiteboard Animation services.

We hope you found this post useful. If you have any questions or comments about video production for shorter videos, please feel free to get in touch.

You can see the range of videos we produce, please visit our portfolio.

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Written by Jo Ginger

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