How to Make a Viral Video

January 24, 2017

"Can You Make Me a Viral Video?"

As a video production company we understand the importance of the success of your video and wanting to maximise the views of your video, and possibly producing  a ‘viral video’.

A viral video is any video that is spread and shared quickly online and receives a lot of attention globally. Viral videos can gain millions of views and interactions as they are shared across various social media sites, reported on blogs and shared between people.

“Can you make me a viral video?” – a video? Yes! A viral video, however, can’t be guaranteed every time!

It’s no secret that using video is a great, effective way to reach your target audience at a scale.  However, it’s not as simple as uploading a video to YouTube, leaving it and expecting the viewers to start rolling in – there’s more to it and it starts with video marketing.

Videos don’t always go viral overnight!

Now don’t be mistaken, some videos can go viral overnight. A woman from Texas attracted a large amount of global attention after live streaming a simple unboxing via Facebook Live. The Star Wars fan filmed herself unboxing a Chewbacca mask in her car and expressed her crazed joy!

The video was shared over 2.5 million times on Facebook in just 48 hours, and the Chewbacca mask had sold out in most retailers in the US after the video was transmitted.

However, you often need more than just luck; most viral videos are a result of good marketing efforts. We don’t decide which videos go viral and unfortunately you don’t decide either – it’s the audience who decide.

Viral Video or Promotional Video?

The aim of any marketing campaign is to reach out to your audience and to promote your products or services. However, producing a promotional video and a viral video are usually two different concepts.

Viral videos often evoke strong emotion; they make people laugh or cry, sometimes offend people or are just completely awesome! Incorporating true emotions into your video gives people a reason to share it.

A promotional video is more likely to shout about your brand and your products. While a viral video is still likely to portray a brand image, it’s usually without being over the top. Over-loading your video with logos and your branding isn’t going to help it gain millions of views over night; it’d be a bit like the brand sponsoring the emotions generated by the video.

If your video is successful it’s likely to be the first time some people encounter your brand, so it’s important to inject your brand personality in the video whilst steering away from hard selling.

Take a look at this clever video from Dollar Shave Club:

Not only is the video informative and highlights their USPs, it appeals to their target audience and portrays their no-nonsense image particularly well.

A viral video could be easy…

… if you’re a large company with a big following. And even easier if you have a good reputation for video. Major UK retailer John Lewis’ Christmas adverts are highly anticipated around the end of the year and with over a million Facebook likes and 300,000 Twitter followers, it doesn’t take long for their Christmas adverts to go viral.

Their 2016 Christmas advert racked up around 16 million views in just 5 days!

To put it simply, there has to be someone there to watch the video – you can’t upload a video and just expect it to go viral from random people watching it now and again. Perhaps focus on building your following before you begin planning a viral video.

Match up your marketing efforts

So your videos gone viral, great! But, how are you going to make the most of it’s success?

It’s not just about how you distribute your video, how you deal with the success of it is just as important! After all, you’re looking to get the best return on your investment, right?

Ensure all your marketing efforts match up; there’s no point directing the viewers to a website that’s not prepared to take advantage of the video’s success. Use a landing page and email sign up forms to help capture the details of the viewers – this means you can keep them engaged with other marketing efforts such as email marketing, after the popularity of the video has died down.

If you manage to keep the followers/subscribers gained from your video going viral then you’ll have more people to reach out to next time you release content.

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While we can’t guarantee you a Viral Video, we can produce you a clever Promotional Video!

Get in contact to produce a video that’s informative and highlights your USPs while appealing to your target audience and portraying your brand’s image.

Written by Jo Ginger

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