How to Grow Your Email List With Video

January 23, 2019

If you want to broaden the horizons of your business this year then it might be time for you to start investing in video, if you haven’t already! One of the many ways that video can help you do this is by using it to grow your email list. Now, you may read that and wonder how a video can help someone want to sign up to your email list but I’m going to talk you through 4 of the ways this can be done.


First up is YouTube!

If you have an active YouTube channel then this could be a really easy way for you to get sign ups and there are 2 main things you can do on your videos that can prompt a viewer to sign up to your emailing list, the first of the 2 is through using end cards.

End cards are adaptations that you can place onto the end of your video that will appear as the video is ending. These cards can contain links which can wither take a viewer to another video on your channel, to your website or in this case to your sign up page for your newsletter. Moreover, end cards can be seen on both mobile and desktop devices.

The other way you can encourage viewers to sign up is by putting a prompt or link into the description of the video. If a viewer is watching on a desktop they will see the description automatically so will see the prompt if it is near the top of the description. This is a great way forward if you know that the majority of your views come from desktop.

Another way you can use video to gain sign ups is by using Gated Video in articles or blogs.

Gated video is where the videos attached to your blog/article or even the bottom of a webpage can only be accessed if the viewer enters their email address, which then gains them access. If you have written about a certain company or interview and you have video footage of these encounters or videos surrounding the same topics then this is the perfect content to use for gated video.

Gated video also ensures that the sign ups that you get on your email list are quality sign ups. If your reader is interested and willing enough to put their email in to watch a video, chances are they will be more than happy to read about your latest updates and be interested in your mail outs.


If you like a challenge, but also want an engaging way to grow your email list, then perhaps this is the best form of video for you to use…


Webinars are another great multi beneficial tool to use in your marketing. Not only do they help you gain sign ups to your email list through those who subscribe to the webinar but they also present you as an expert in your niche. This will really help you connect with your viewers/subscribers because they are able to hear you and connect with you through the webinar. Getting sign ups this way also makes them higher quality.

Furthermore, webinars are great subjects to keep your mail out interesting and also can act as a lead magnet for your blog or website. This is because the promotional content posted on social media for the webinar can be shared on multiple different platforms by your existing friends and connections. The same webinar can also be shared multiple times over in order for you to get the best reach possible.

The final way that video can help you grow your email list if you are using Facebook or Google Ads is …

placing a sign up form next to a video.

There are two ways to tackle this. The first is that you can have a video produced, which explains why it is a great idea for the viewer to subscribe to your email list. Included in that video could be interactive elements pointing to the sign up form, encouraging the viewer to sign up.

The second way is to make sure the video you add to the page is relevant and adds value to the viewer. Getting people to sign up purely based on the fact the product or service you are advertising peaks their interest, is enough for them to become a quality sign up for your email list.


How we can help …


If you’re already running ads or you want to but you’re not sure where to start. -Start with Ginger! If your ads aren’t bringing the conversions you want to see and want a proven process to help you along then why not add video?

This Video is a great way to get an idea of our concept:

So… what’s different with our process?

We use laser targeted Video Commercials in the ads, and place them on bespoke landing pages that fully support the campaigns.

As marketeers we use our knowledge and experience to build you the best converting paid Video Ad campaigns; both Google Ads and Facebook Ads, incorporating video, to convert more prospects to clients. Google and Facebook then rate the ads highly and you attract the prospects you desire.

If you want to work with a team that has your goals as its main focus, and delivers well-qualified leads for you to convert then please give us a call on 01488 670244, or email Neil or Jo at Neil@gingervideo.co.uk or Jo@gingervideo.co.uk.

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