Ginger’s Favourite Halloween Videos

October 20, 2015

Take a look at these 'spooktacular' videos

Once again, Halloween is almost here. This year, with social media continuing to play a major part in marketing, many brands have come out in force with their Halloween themed marketing videos.

In light of this, we have decided to look back through the years and share our favourite ‘spooktacular’ Halloween videos with you.

These videos have been created across different platforms: Vine, YouTube and Instagram.


Halloween is all about trick or treating- and Kellogg’s took this one step further in 2013 where they tricked and treated their customers at the same time.

This ‘fangtastic’ prank video involves a faux vending machine and a new Kellogg’s product. Unsuspecting customers would reach out to grab their ‘free’ Krispie bar, when a hand from inside the machine grabbed them.


On Halloween in 2012, LG released a prank video which demonstrated the quality of their Sprint screens. This campaign used the tagline “So Real, It’s Scary”.

The prank begins with a lift fitted with a fake floor made up of the screens. When unsuspecting passengers climbed into the lift, LG began playing some video footage designed to look as if the floor was breaking away.

This terrifying prank garnered a lot of attention, and currently boasts over 24 million hits on YouTube alone.


In 2013, Snickers made a Halloween themed version of their ongoing “You’re not you when you’re hungry” marketing campaign, themed around the headless horseman.

This amusing advert centres around the headless horseman being confused about who he is.

Internet Explorer

Last year, Internet Explorer created a great Vine which parodies the infamous shower scene from ‘Psycho.’

This spooky advert introduces Internet Explorer 11 to the public.


American home improvement company, Lowe’s, utilised Vine to share a useful Halloween tip.

Their 6 second video shows a cookie cutter and a hammer being used in order to carve out perfect patterns in pumpkins.

Chupa Chups 

Creative brand Chupa Chups last year created the first ever choose your own adventure game on Instagram. The game is a really fun, interactive experience, and a great innovative Halloween marketing tool.

They even made an introduction video for the game, which was uploaded to YouTube.


Many of Pinterest’s users are interested in DIY creations, which is where Pinterest got the inspiration for their Halloween marketing last year.

The video centres around a mother and father creating a handmade costume for their son.

Those are our favourite Halloween marketing campaigns, but what are yours?

Written by Jo Ginger

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