Explore Vimeo’s Video Review Feature

February 28, 2017

Vimeo's Video Review Feature

Pure focus on reviewing and giving feedback

As a video production company, we’re always looking for new ways to improve and streamline our process for our clients. So you can imagine our excitement to discover Vimeo’s video review feature.

We’ve been big fans of Vimeo for a long time and we love their approach of improving their functionality consistently. Regardless of whether you’re a big Vimeo or die-hard YouTube fan, you’re bound to love Vimeo’s video review feature!

Whilst editing the settings of one of our videos, we stumbled across the new option at the bottom:

Enable Vimeo Video Review Page option

Vimeo Pro and Vimeo Business users can access the review function on all their videos from the privacy settings.

Vimeo believes the new function will help simplify your workflow and keep your focus on the feedback’. We think they couldn’t be more right with this one.  Vimeo’s video review feature allows our videos to be uploaded and reviewed all in the same place.

Vimeo’s Video Review Feature

The review page takes away any unnecessary distraction and allows the reviewer to purely focus on giving feedback:

Anyone reviewing the video can simply click anywhere on the video at any time to leave their feedback; these comments have a timecode on them so you can identify exactly what frame the reviewer is referring to.

These comments are then added to the sidebar on the right where we can then acknowledge and respond/reply to reviewers comments in real time. You can also turn the comments into a to-do list and tick off the feedback once amendments are made.

We’d love to be able to export the comments left on the review page and we hope this is something Vimeo is considering for the future. They’ve already noted that they’ll be adding even more features to [their] video review pages soon to make video workflow even smoother’.

We can’t help but wonder if YouTube will ever introduce something like this in the future? Although YouTube is usually seen as the primary video sharing site, Vimeo is considered the platform where artists and filmmakers thrive, and so is definitely where a review page comes in handy. However, the amount of collaborators and content producers on YouTube surely can’t be ignored.

But overall, we’re impressed by Vimeo’s video review feature and have already put it into good use.

We hope you found this blog post about Vimeo’s review feature useful, if you’d like to discover whether Vimeo is right for your business, check out our blog about YouTube Vs Vimeo 

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Written by Jo Ginger

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