Expectations vs. Reality: Social Media Marketing

July 3, 2019

If you want to start a social marketing campaign you may not know what ROI or what results to expect. We have created this blog to give you ideas of what your ‘expectations’ are verses the ‘reality’. We are also going to be walking through some solutions to bridge the gap between expectation and reality.


 Expectation – The first common misconception when it comes to marketing is that you’re going to post loads of content, every day and it’s all going to be great!

Reality – However, in most cases this is not realistic. You should focus on refining high quality content that helps your audience. If you’re just focusing on quantity and one opinion then you’re going to miss the mark with the overall quality.

Solution – Using sites such as ‘content marketing institute’ can help you make the best out of your content by having loads of great tips and tricks when it comes to content customisation, segmentation and Promotion.

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Expectation – The second expectation that is more often than not wrong is, bringing in as much traffic as possible will increase the amount of leads and therefore business we get in.

Reality – The reality of this one is that it is much better to try and bring in relevant traffic to your website rather than using all the tricks in the book to bring in the wrong traffic.

Solution – The key is Inbound Marketing, Blogging, Social Media and possibly the most important of them all … SEO. Keywords and descriptions are kings.

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Expectation – Some can also have the unrealistic expectation that brand mentions and enquiries will be easy to respond to and it won’t take up that much of the day.

Reality – However, with some companies some enquiries can be either quite detailed or awkward to answer in a concise manner and so they take much longer that expected. Sometimes it can be very overwhelming and takes practice and patience to get round to all the messages and comments as well as answering phone calls and emails.

Solution – The solution to this is simple – setting up default diaries to make sure you leave time in for this each day will help you keep on top of all your responses, while also setting up response bots to chats on social media platforms can also be put in place so the customer knows you are busy but you will get back to them ASAP. This makes sure you don’t lose customers due to forgetting about a message or comment.

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Expectation – One message for each post will be fine and it will just be easy to copy and paste to all social media platforms.

Reality – This can work but it isn’t ideal to make sure you target the right audience on the right platforms. There are a number of factors that can contribute to a good post on each platforms, for example on Twitter there is a 120 character count … so posts on Facebook and LinkedIn won’t be the same length as those on Twitter. Twitter and LinkedIn also use hash-tags whereas Facebook doesn’t use them as extensively so they have to be broader terms than those on the other platforms,

Solution – What needs to happen for this reality is that you need to have a strategy and a fully comprehensive plan for your posts. Having a platform based calendar with your posts in so you can tailor each post to its platform to ensure you reach the right audience while also making it look like you know what you are doing be not posting the same message to all platforms.

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If all this social media information is a little overwhelming, then here at GingerVideo, we have a solution for you…

Our New Social Media Campaign service lets us to take that pressure off of you, by allowing us to manage, plan and execute a social media strategy for you. If you would like to find out more email Jo@gingervideo.co.uk or call us on 01488 670 244!

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Written by Jo Ginger

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