5 Ways Drone Footage Can Enhance a Video

November 21, 2017

Drone Footage Can Take Your Video to the Next Level... literally!

Drone footage has become increasingly popular within video production over the past year or so. With the capabilities and results a drone produces, it is obvious to see why.

Drone videography is simply stunning, and we completely understand the hype – that’s why we’re fully qualified and insured to fly drones. 

By flying this bit of kit, drone videography can provide the most picturesque shots. Adding these shots into a video can completely transform the whole production, and make your video stand out against your competitors.

How Drone Footage Can Enhance Your Video

Unsure about drone footage? Here’s 5 Ways Drone Footage Can Transform Your Video Production:

1. Aerial

We can send the drone high into the sky to capture some of the most breath-taking aerial views. The drone can fly over your offices, buildings, business parks – whatever it may be!

 2. Group Shot

Are you wanting to show your whole team or a large group of people? Fitting a large group into a shot is made easy with the use of a drone; you can go further and higher from the group to fit everyone in.

This adds a personal touch to the video and really shows off the people behind the services/products you are promoting.

3. Reveal

By starting up close and flying the drone further away, we can reveal large surroundings. This works well for buildings such as hotels, to show off what the grounds have to offer.

This can also be achieved by starting further away and flying in closer for an alternatively detailed reveal. You could even combine this with a group shot; showing a couple of people to begin with, and then flying out to show a whole group.

4. Smooth

We use the DJI Phantom 4 for our drone videography. It comes with a built-in stabiliser, which helps achieve natural, smooth video footage for that cinematic feel.

5. Perspective

Drone footage helps give the viewer an understanding of scale, and enables us to capture shots that would otherwise be impossible with a standard camera on a tripod.

These shots can really make your video content stand out.

Drone footage is great, we really do love it and we hope you can see the beauty of it too! However, it’s important to remember that to fly these little aircrafts commercially, you do need a license.

There are various rules and regulations surrounding flying drones, and it’s important that the pilot for your video production follows them. We are fully qualified and insured to use a drone for our videography.

You can learn more about the legalities of drones with our blog post: 5 Legal Issues to be Aware of with Drones

If you’d like to incorporate drone videography in to your video production, or would like to learn more, please contact us.

Written by Neil Ginger

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