Using Video Within Digital Advertising: A Guide.

November 6, 2018

Understanding how video can tie into your digital advertising campaigns can be pretty confusing. As a result of this, it can make you believe that you can’t add it into your campaign because it will be too time consuming or too much work for what its worth. It turns out that combining video with digital advertising isn’t as hard as you might think, which is why we have written his blog about Video Digital Advertising to lay out just how simple it is!

We’ll also tell you what the most effective type of paid video advertising is, and why!

The first thing to get your head around is the basics: Organic advertising Vs. Paid Advertising -such as Search ads and Display ads.


Organic Advertising


Native Advertising

Native advertising is the technique of creating ads that don’t look like your average display or banner ads. They take the form of whatever media format you’re putting it onto, and match its look, feel and function so they don’t appear like ads at all. Most companies choose to use native video advertising because they do just this and therefore look like the editorial flow that has been assigned to the page. It also makes them non-disruptive on social media sites, unlike banners or other forms of display ads. In a nutshell – Native Video Advertising exposes ads to the reader without making them obvious and irritating.

It can also be proven that native advertising fights Ad fatigue…this is when an audience sees the same ad so many times that they simply stop paying attention to it because they become bored with the content. So, with native ads matching the editorial flow of the platform, they don’t tire out the audience, because they don’t even know they are consuming it in the first place. This is why consumers are 53% more likely to look at a native video ad rather than a display ad and also why the increase intent on purchase goes up by 18% after viewing.


Social Media Advertising

‘Social media/ Network advertising’ and ‘social media targeting’ are phrases used to describe the forms of advertising online that is specific to social media platforms. This means that businesses can utilise the demographic of their audience on each social media platform, and target their ads accordingly, to get the best engagement rates.

It is important to understand this data, as it can help you decide which type of video to use for each kind of ad on each social media site. For example, Facebook is a more personal, friendly platform so a fun promotional or whiteboard animation video might be best to use here. On the other hand, LinkedIn, for example is a much more professional platform, so a talking head or case study video might be better to engage your audience.


Video SEO

What do you need to put behind the videos to increase their search rankings?

Another element of digital advertising is the SEO (search engine optimisation) that goes behind each of the videos that you want to use for you ads, whether that be videos hosted on Vimeo or YouTube.

There are certain things you can do within your SEO to increase its search rankings and ultimately put your video on top of the search engine rankings:

  • The first is to use metadata! This is the most important point. Since video doesn’t contain a lot of text, if the thumbnail doesn’t give the viewer the right kind of information, they might not watch the video. However, if they then read the metadata, it could push them over that edge to watch the video. (It’s also a great place to get keywords in!)

Some other things you can do are,

  • Make sure your videos have a short and snappy title that is also relevant,
  • Add subtitles – this creates more text for your search engines to recognise key words in and also make your video more accessible to viewers with hearing difficulties.


Email marketing

You can use retargeting with your emails the same way as website retargeting. However, instead of collecting website visitors it targets email subscribers by placing a piece of code in your email signature so then when a subscriber opens the email, they will get shown your ad as they browse the web. This is a great way to keep the people within your email list interested in your brand without bombarding them with emails, and then be at the risk of losing subscribers.

Another powerful tool within email marketing is utilising video within your emails to boost open rates. You can also update previous emailing lists that might’ve gone dead for a while with what is new with your business to try and get them back exposed to your brand with email. By putting the word “video” in the subject line of your email it can increase the amount of opens because people are 68% more likely to want to watch a video than read a long piece of text. It is also been proven that video in an email leads to a 200-300% increase in click through rate.


Paid Advertising


Display Ads

Display advertising: paid advertising that can be placed onto websites, apps, or social media, and are usually in banner form. However, they can also be made up of audio, text, images and … Video!! Businesses usually use this kind of advertising to make sure that anyone who comes to their website, app or social media page has a clear understanding of what their brand message is, while also showing them general advertisements about their product or service.

It could be argued that video is the best way to convey all of this information at once. This is because video is the only way to effectively convey the tone of voice your brand has in order for your messaging to be really clear. Its also a great way of making sure the voice is not overshadowed by just any old interpretation, while also getting viewers to stay longer on your website and understand your product or service to its full extent.


Delving deeper into the digital advertising world there are so many more aspects to consider which make your digital advertising strategy the best it can be, such as…

Re marketing and Re targeting campaigns

Re marketing and Re targeting campaigns are ads that are specifically targeted to users that have already visited your site. This type of marketing can be very useful within digital advertising to create Re marketing lists within Google Adwords. This is done when Google gathers cookies from browsers and places that user into a list you can then grow. Once the list has gained interactions from 100-150 viewers it can also be used for other things, such as a target list for an existing video campaign.

Video advertising

Video advertising can mean 2 things, it can either mean that it is an online display ad that has video within it but it can also mean advertising that pops up before a form of video streaming, whether that be on YouTube, twitch or any other video streaming site.

There are mainly 3 types of video ads, linear, non-linear and companion ads. Linear ads are those shows before, in the middle, or at the end of the video content. Non-Linear which shows the ad while the content is playing and companion ads, which are commonly text display ads that wrap around the video experience, for example, having an ad at the bottom of the video and also next to it.


So, what do WE at Ginger do to contribute to digital advertising? … Paid Video Ads!

Here at Ginger we’re working with our clients, and helping them to make significant sales using video commercials. Over the last year more and more clients have asked us to help them make a better return on their video investment. Consequently, we have developed a unique process, which helps our clients focus on, and gain clarity on the things they need to master to consistently grow their businesses, which is: promoting themselves in a way that directly generates meetings in their calendars with potential clients.

So what’s different about our process? It’s simple- Using Video Commercials in paid Google Ads and Facebook Ads; not just random, generic videos on generic website pages, but laser targeted videos in the ads and on bespoke laser targeted landing pages. The Video Commercials are made specifically for the service or product you’re selling. This means Google and Facebook rate the ads highly, you attract the prospects you desire, and they go on to buy from you.

If you are already using Paid Ads this could be a more cost – effective way of achieving better results, and if you’re not yet using Paid Ads then we can advise you of how they could benefit you. Contact us today for more information!


Written by Jo Ginger

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