Christmas Adverts Roundup: 2019

December 9, 2019

So, the time has come once again for everyone to get in the full swing of Christmas! Whether you do this by getting the decks up and sticking on a Christmas playlist or… (If you’re anything like us) watching every Christmas ad for the year and rating them out of 10! There isn’t one Grinch in sight!

We have decided to take a less analytical approach to our annual Christmas blog this year by giving you Ginger Videos’ top 5 Christmas ads (by combined a total of “rate out of 10”).

In 5th place is Aldi, The Amazing Aldi Christmas show!

In 4th place is Argos, The Book Of Dreams!

In 3rd place is John Lewis, Excitable Edgar!

In 2nd place is Asda, Lets Make Christmas Extra Special

And finally in 1st place is Ikea, Silence The Critics!

As a company, it’s great that we can all come together and do fun things like this to interact with you guys – Christmas is a time for sharing after all!

However, we all have our personal favourite Christmas ads and reasons why. So, we thought we’d share these with you as well … let us know on social media if you agree with our list and let us know what your favourite ad is this year!

Jo Ginger, Operations Director

My favourite Christmas ad is from a small hardware shop in Wales called Haford Hardware, which doesn’t celebrate the commercialism that Christmas retailers now embrace. It is just focused on shopping local and getting into the spirit of Christmas. You can watch it here: https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=1221097551419461

Neil Ginger, Creative Director

Emily Adams, Marketing Assistant

Ikea is definitely joint favourite with M&S food – Ikea is so funny and brings youth culture to Christmas, plus who doesn’t love a good trip to Ikea?

However, the M&S food advert makes you feel so Christmassy and festive and not to mention all the food look so good, I just want to jump into the TV every time it comes on!

Sean Keaney, PPC Executive

Ikea was the joint best with Argos – love the unique-ness of it and it is definitely memorable, probably one for the younger generation but the best this year for me.

Argos was the other ad I would put level with it because it is impactful and surely every child used to circle items in the Argos catalogue – I know I used to and my little 5-year-old sister does.

Dom Archer, Videographer & Editor

Ikea is 100% my joint top with John Lewis.

The John Lewis advert is a typical lovely/heart-warming story, shot/edited beautifully cinematically. The dragon character’s expressions remind me of my dog, and pulls on the heartstrings because of that.

The Ikea advert is brilliant to me as I find it hilarious, the idea that most of the audience won’t know who D Double E is makes it even funnier. It’s an authentic and original idea for a take on a Christmas ad. I can’t rate an advert that’s signed off with “BLUKU BLUKU” any lower than 9/10.

Callum Leakey, Producer & Videographer

My favourite by far was the John Lewis. The animation of the dragon was beyond adorable and it completely tapped in to my soft side. For the duration of the advert I was taken on an emotional rollercoaster. To be completely honest, I didn’t enjoy the first half of the advert. In fact it was downright horrible to watch.

I was completely taken in, utterly invested. Nothing else seemed to matter but that little dragon. After what seemed an eternity, the happy ending finally came, and brought a wave of relief. I can’t quite put into words, that Edgar had indeed been accepted. Leaving me an emotionally shattered wreck. Please don’t play with my emotions like that again John Lewis.

Written by Jo Ginger

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