Christmas Adverts Roundup: 2015 vs 2016

December 20, 2016

GingerVideo's Christmas Advert Roundup

The competition to produce the best Christmas advert seems to become hotter every year. John Lewis have been a major competitor for the past couple years with #MontyThePenguin and #TheManOnTheMoon, but other common household names seem to have really stepped their game up this year.

These companies invest millions in their video marketing budget for the final few months of the year and we’re sure they start planning them from January 1st each year!

With big brands like Marks & Spencers and Aldi fighting for the top spot, it has become harder to name a number 1 favourite. So instead of um-ing and ah-ing over all the adverts trying to choose our favourite this year, we’ve put the companies against themselves and compared this year’s videos to 2015’s!

Has 2016 been the year for Christmas videos?


Mog’s Christmas Calamity vs The Greatest Gift

Last year Sainsbury’s put a clumsy cat called Mog on our screens with ‘Mog’s Christmas Calamity’. The little feline almost ruins Christmas for its family but their neighbours rally together to save the day for the Thomas family – after all Christmas is all about coming together, right?

This year, Sainsbury’s are back with an advert that comes with an incredibly catchy tune sung by comedian and television host, James Corden. In ‘The Greatest Gift’ the hard working dad begins worrying about this year’s presents but by the end, he realises the best thing he can give his family is his time. There’s a massive focus on the family in Sainsbury’s advert this year.

Result: 2016 – This is definitely a tough one, we’re big fans of both of the videos. Mog in 2015’s advert is adorable and we can’t help but feel a little bit sorry for him. But, 2016’s advert is a lot more fun and we can’t get that tune out of our head. Did we mention how great the character diversity is in ‘The Greatest Gift’?


#AldiFavouriteThings vs Kevin The Carrot

We can’t deny that Aldi’s 2015 advert was just as catchy as Sainsbury’s advert this year. The ad features a reworded version of Julie Andrews’ My Favourite Things from The Sound of Music. Aldi’s aim was to show that their stores ‘are the home of everyone’s favourite things this Christmas’.

This year ‘Kevin The Carrot’ graced our screens; a small humble carrot on a quest to meet Santa himself. We love the idea of a little carrot making his quest through the traditional Christmas dinner (side note: who sets Christmas dinner out on Christmas Eve?). There’s the feature of John William’s music from Home Alone too, giving it that extra Christmassy feel!

Result: 2016 – Kevin The Carrot is definitely our favourite of the two. Although 2015’s advert was catchy and we enjoyed a little sing along during ad breaks on TV last year, we were hooked watching little Kevin; we stayed tuned right till the end in the hope that he wasn’t eaten and it’s all about keeping the viewer watching right to the end!

Marks & Spencer

The Art of Christmas vs Christmas with love from Mrs Claus

M&S’s 2015 advert definitely moved away from the traditional feel and away from the Christmassy stories. They took a more punchy, techy approach while showing how the festive season is all about having fun! If we’re honest, we’re a little confused about using the Uptown Funk instrumental rather than a Christmas song but it most likely helped the video stand out compared to the others during ad breaks.

2016’s modern twist on the much-loved Mrs Claus is great. It’s not often Mrs Claus is the main feature during Christmas and this year’s ad is completely different to 2015’s. It really gives us that Christmassy feeling and definitely pulls on the heart strings more than last year’s video. Also, how funny is it that she’s reading ’50 Shades of Red’ at the end?

Result: 2016 – M&S’s 2015 advert just didn’t do it for us, and for many other people too it seemed. 2016’s advert definitely surpassed last years, and is definitely in the running for being our favourite advert this year! We love the modern take on Christmas, especially the R-Dolf helicopter.

John Lewis

#ManOnTheMoon vs #BusterTheBoxer

John Lewis definitely tugged on the heart strings of millions of viewers last year with The Man on The Moon. A young girl finds a man on the moon whilst looking through a telescope. She watches on as the elderly man is all alone and soon becomes determined to send him a message. The advert was made in partnership with Age UK and shows how lonely some people can be at Christmas – so show someone they’re loved!

We can’t help but feel a sense of joy and happiness as Buster The Boxer finally makes it onto the trampoline after watching some forest friends and the young girl featured in the advert have a good bounce. We’re big fans of dogs in the office and we love the excitement of the dog’s face – we love the message that you can find gifts everyone will love this Christmas. This year they’ve partnered with The Wildlife Trusts.

Result: 2016 – John Lewis managed to pull it out of the bag year after year when it comes to Christmas adverts. Stepping away from the slighter sadder adverts, this year’s video made a lot of people happy rather than making them cry! The advert has been a massive success; it racked up around 16 million views in just 5 days.


We enjoyed looking back on the adverts from last year, some of them we still remembered; it’s important to create a video the viewer will remember! We think all the major brands have really stepped up this year and have produced even better content than the year before; perhaps 2016 really has been the year for video! We can’t wait to see what 2017 brings for video production and video marketing.

What has been your favourite advert this year, let us know in the comments below!

You can see a range of the types of videos we produced over in our Video Gallery.

Written by Neil Ginger

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