4 Benefits of using Native Video in your Marketing

March 6, 2018

What is Native Video and how can it  help your content marketing? Below we give you 4 Benefits of using Native Video in your marketing.

You may have recently heard the phrase ‘Native Video’ but not be entirely sure what it is, or importantly, know how it can benefit your marketing.

In the article below we’ll answer some commonly asked questions about native video, and give a brief run down on just what native videos is, along with 4 quick insights into how using it can benefit your marketing.

What is native video?

In a nutshell, ‘native video’ is simply video that is uploaded to, or created on social networks and played in-feed. This is opposed to just posting links to videos that are hosted on other sites, such as YouTube or Vimeo.

What are the Benefits of using Native Video in your Marketing?

Native video social media

 #1 Native video has an advantage over third-party embeds

Search engines and social media platforms have their own algorithms that highlight the best results for a search. This is the same for native video, especially native video uploaded to Facebook, which favours native over embedded video content. One study found that native content reaches two times more people, and so because of this you’re likely to get more engagement on your posts.

#2 Native video makes your videos auto play

When you post your videos directly to certain social media platforms, they auto-play. This means that you’re going to receive more views on your video when you post it, because it makes it easier to watch and requires less effort from the viewer.

Also autoplaying videos are more likely to grab the attention of casual scrollers and not just people who know your business or brand.

#3 Hey good looking

By posting  videos natively to your social media platforms they display in a more attractive format.  Native Video removes the link box at the bottom of the video. This in turn creates a cleaner, and slightly larger thumbnail.

Social media platforms also make it clearer that a video that has been posted.  When linking  your video from YouTube or Vimeo it displays the same as a text link would (with a main thumbnail and some text), whereas using native video inserts a play button over the top of your video.

Native video analytics

#4 Improved Analytics and insights with native video-

Social media campaigns rely on accurate and detailed analytics for long-term success, and using video natively on some social media platforms gives you a whole wealth of analytics.

Facebook for example gives a whole section specifically on video in page insights, with detailed analytics, such as number of video views over 3 seconds and your top videos with detail of engagement.

Twitter also has a comprehensive video analytics section, with a whole host of different analytics for you to digest.

In fact most social media platforms now have a way you can see the amount of views on your video and how they have performed. This like all other analytics allows you to improve and edit your marketing to get the maximum engagement. Although be sure to check who watched the video for longer than the first 3 seconds as that ‘3 second view’ stat includes viewers of your video that just simply scrolled past it. There really are benefits of using Native Video in your marketing!

Just to consider – mix it up!

Video is now a regular part of marketing strategies but it is important to still use a mix of video content – not just native. Don’t disregard all other video in your content marketing -mix it up! Decide if and how native video is right for your brand, audience and marketing aims and objectives and add it into the marketing mix accordingly.

We hope this blog has given you a better insight into the power of Native Video, and the benefits of using Native Video in your marketing.

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Written by Jo Ginger

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