6 Reasons to Use Green Screen Video Production

June 27, 2017

Keen for Green Screen Videos

So why use Green Screen Video?

In the busy world of video content, it has become increasingly important that your videos stand out.

Whether you are producing a series of training videos, a homepage video, or case study video, green screen videos can be a simple and inexpensive way of taking your video content to the next level.

Green screen is also known as chroma key technology.  It is filmed against a (you guessed it!) green background. With a bit of magic from The Creative Team in the editing stage, the green background is replaced by a clean, professional video production.

If you’re not too familiar with green screen video production, or why you should be using it, read on!

The Benefits of Using Green Screen Video Production Creativity

There are so many different effects that can be applied to green screen video in the editing stage, so you’re only limited by your imagination.

The video can be customised to be completely original and really help you differentiate yourself from your competitors.


At GingerVideo we mainly film green screen in our studio in Lambourn, Berkshire, however we also have a portable green screen which we can take on location.

One location allows for endless possibilities without having to spend time assembling different sets and backgrounds. Your desired feel for the video can simply be achieved with an image!


Filming green screen in our studio is a cost-effective way of producing professional video content.  It is great for companies on a lower budget as expenses such as travel and location are eliminated!

Green screen video production examples from GingerVideo


Unfortunately, we can’t control the weather and natural lighting can sometimes be problematic when on location.

However, with green screen video production ambient lighting is blocked out and the screen can be lit the same way every time – this ensures consistency over a series of videos.


Additional visual elements and diagrams such as graphics can be added in to the video to help support what is being said by the presenter. This helps the viewer to gain a better understanding of any complex processes and concepts mentioned.


Your company’s logo and branding colours can be easily added into the video, so the viewer can easily identify the video with your business.

In addition to standing out from your competitors, you will also have a professional, high quality video to use wherever you please!

Take a look!

This is a recent video we produced for one of our clients in our studio. The green background has been replaced by a white background. Supporting text has been added to the side of the presenter. Watch the video below…

Are you keen for green screen?

Green screen video productions have a whole load of creative options to explore in the editing stage; almost anything is possible!

You’ve got a camera and a green-ish coloured background but slow down just a second. For the video to be effective and achieve your objectives, it needs to be executed well.

Lighting green screens can be tricky.  Good lighting is also crucial in getting a clean background removal in the editing stage. It takes a lot of preparation, professional lighting equipment and experience to get it right.

At GingerVideo we film in our own green screen studio with all the right equipment to ensure a clean, high-quality video production.

For more information on producing green screen video with us, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Written by Jo Ginger

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