5 Reasons to Upload Your Video to Twitter

April 11, 2017

Why Upload Your Video to Twitter?

5 Reasons to Upload Your Video to Twitter

Twitter is one of the most established social media websites. With 320 million monthly users, the platform is another opportunity for any size business to create awareness of their company and connect with their target audience through the use of video. Below we give you 5 reasons to upload your video to Twitter.

YouTube and Facebook are big players in the video marketing game, but video on Twitter is certainly consumed differently to video on YouTube. Most YouTube users usually use the platform to search for specific videos to watch, however Twitter users mostly watch videos that they discover in their timelines.

Potential prospects cannot discover your content if you do not upload it!

Twitter has invested in features such as promote videos, mobile video uploads and live video. They’re getting pretty serious about video on their platform.

Take a look at the reasons why you should be uploading your video content to Twitter

Twitter is a microblogging social media sit and so tweets are limited to 140 characters; blessing or a curse, you decide. It can be quite hard to communicate everything you want to say in the limited amount of characters, as there is usually no chance to explain or expand.

1. Communicate Stronger Messages

Using a video can help put across a stronger message and explain concepts that you’d never manage to fit into the character limit. The viewer will probably take away more from your video content than a plain text tweet, or even an image.

2. Autoplaying videos

Videos on Twitter autoplay in the timeline without any sound. Much like Facebook, the moving images and changing colours are more likely to catch the viewer’s attention.

The autoplay feature boosts the performance of tweets containing video content as viewers can begin watching your content without having to actually click to play it.

You can use the 140 characters to give viewers an insight as to what to expect from the video; they’re more likely to stop and watch it if you do this.

3. Drive and increase engagement

Video content directly uploaded to Twitter drives more engagement than simply linking it from YouTube or Vimeo. So, not only does it stand out more in the timeline with the auto-play feature, but it also better engages the people who see your tweets.

A study from Twitter found that directly uploaded video content increased replies by 2.5X, retweets by 2.8X and favourites by 1.9X.

In the image below you can see an example of how different video content can look in the Twitter timeline. Posting a link to a video hosted on YouTube, compared to uploading a video directly hardly stands out.

4. Connect with viewers on a more personal level

Video gives you the ability to make a connection with the viewer on a much more personal level. You can tell a much more valuable story and engage the viewer emotionally.

Once you’ve made a connection with the viewer, they are probably going to remember your brand, your company and the products/services you offer. Your company stays fresh in their mind.

5. Mobile users love video

Mobile devices are constantly developing and upgrading to offer higher quality devices. Networks are also supporting larger data loads. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that a massive 90% of video views on Twitter are from mobile users. This makes your video content accessible and enjoyable to more potential prospects in a range of target markets.

Also, evidence suggests that users concentrate far more when watching video on mobile devices. They are solely focussed on the content of their device’s screen, and so your message is more likely to be digested and understood.

Start uploading!

Hopefully, we have made you aware of all the benefits of uploading your content directly to Twitter. Social media is constantly updating and evolving the way it works. We’re seeing more social media sites update their features in favour of video and more marketers are shifting and relying on video content for the distribution on their marketing messages.

Auto-playing videos and sponsored posts are great, but it’s important to remember a poorly produced video will not work as well as you want it to. Videos need to be produced specifically for use on social media so they can help meet your business aims, engage the viewers, communicate your message and encourage the viewer to take action.

We hope you found this post on why you should be uploading your videos to Twitter useful. If you have any questions or comments about Twitter video or social media videos in general, please feel free to contact us.

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Written by Jo Ginger

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