4 Ways Your Brand Should Be Using Video Content On LinkedIn

October 3, 2018

When we think of video content, most people jump automatically to YouTube, or to business websites. And when we think of video in the social media marketing landscape, we often think that we have to create the best content in the world in order to be successful. But that’s not the case. There is a huge demand for video content (more video content is uploaded in 30 days than most TV networks have produced in 30 years), and your customers want to see it.

But how do you get your video content in front of people? Well, LinkedIn is a great solution, more specifically using video content on LinkedIn. Just like Google, LinkedIn loves video, so if you post videos to LinkedIn, you are more likely to break through the noise of updates and reach people’s feeds. LinkedIn is actually a great platform for video marketing, if you know how to use it.

Today, we have 4 ways your business should be using video content on LinkedIn, and our tips to make them successful.


Tell Your Story

Human beings love stories. Our brains are programmed to crave them. We love the way we can lose ourselves in a narrative, and our curiosity is piqued as we try to guess what comes next. So naturally, storytelling is an ideal method of marketing, and LinkedIn video is a great platform. There are a lot of different ways you can tell your story by sharing a video and posting it to your LinkedIn feed. Your video could be the story behind your business venture, a quick explanation of how it got started, or what your plans are for the future. Telling your story also helps people to really understand and relate to your brand, starting relationships that can then be fostered. All you need to do is craft some text to draw people in, then let your video do the rest.


Promote Your Products

Let’s not forget, LinkedIn videos are just like any other marketing activity, so your main focus should be on improving your bottom line. Let’s face it, as a business you can’t spend time, money and effort on a marketing activity if you don’t get some kind of return on your investment. So, you should use video content on LinkedIn  as a way of promoting your business, your products and your services as well. You can do this through how-to videos, explainers, FAQ’s or demonstrations. All of these kinds of videos tend to get great results, and they improve the awareness of your solutions too. Whatever your focus is during that time period, make a video about it and get people excited.

Video Content on LinkedIn 

Video Blogging

We all know how great blogging is for businesses, but translating that into a video can be even better. Many business owners who want to improve their personal brand use video content on LinkedIn as a way to interact with their audience and discuss things. These video blogs don’t have to be long or in-depth – they are more of a conversation piece designed to spark debates in the comments and get people engaging with you. So, what annoys you? Are there common misconceptions about your industry? What fires you up? What insights can you give people? All of these are things you could do a video blog (or vlog) on using video content on LinkedIn. It’s not used by many people yet, but those who put the effort in to do see impressive results.



And of course, let’s not forget that LinkedIn is an effective advertising platform, and video is an effective advertising method. LinkedIn has its own advertising capability, which allows you to target different types of people and present your message to them directly. When combined with the power of video marketing, video advertising has the potential to give you huge results. Instead of showing your targets lines of text, capture their attention with a creative and engaging video instead.

 Video Content on LinkedIn

Our Top Tips

So now you know why you should be using video content on LinkedIn, the next question on your mind is – how do I make the most of it? We have a few quick tips for you:

Optimise Your Video For Mobile

Most video content on LinkedIn is viewed on a mobile device (57% in fact) – so you need to make sure your video is optimised for mobile viewing. If it is optimised properly, LinkedIn will promote your video more heavily. Make sure your videos are high quality, with an aspect ratio of between 1:2.4, to 2.4:1 and a file size no bigger than 5GB.

Keep It Short

People tend to browse LinkedIn for short periods of time, which makes long videos highly ineffective. Instead, try to keep your LinkedIn videos short, sweet and to the point. Between 15 and 60 seconds is ideal.

Link To Your Video

Don’t forget, your video content is not an island. The idea is to get as many people to view your content as possible. To do that you need to make them aware of it, no matter where they came from. And you can increase the number of views on your videos by linking to it from elsewhere in LinkedIn. Just remember this – whenever you post something relevant to the video, link back to it.

Make It Professional 

Remember that LinkedIn is a professional networking site, so your videos should reflect that mentality. If you don’t have the skills in-house to produce a professional level video, consider working with a specialist video production company to create a high quality video for you.

Video Content on LinkedIn

Include Video On Your Personal LinkedIn Profile

Adding a video to your personal LinkedIn profile is a great way to help you stand out from the crowd. There are a couple of ways to do this. The first is to add video under the ‘Your Experience’ section, using the ‘Add Media’ section.

Upload Your Video Natively

Videos can now be uploaded directly to LinkedIn, rather than using the link from YouTube or Vimeo. You might have already seen them as the autoplay in the stream. These have been shown to outperform videos shared as links on various social networks, and LinkedIn recently started letting users upload videos directly to pages and personal profiles.

At GingerVideo, we love working with businesses to create stand out, professional quality videos that deliver real results. We can work with you to help you develop a strategy for using your videos. This includes LinkedIn, to ensure you get the biggest ROI possible. If you would like to know more, just get in touch with one of the team at GingerVideo today.

Here’s How to Upload a Video To Your LinkedIn !

Written by Neil Ginger

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