4 Things Nobody Told You About Whiteboard Animation Video

May 21, 2019

Knowing some of the secrets about what makes a good Whiteboard Video makes all the difference when planning to have one produced for your business. Whichever company you choose to produce your video should already know these. However, we thought that you might find them really useful when starting your project.

Storytelling Is Your Secret Weapon

The way to capture the attention of your target audience always depends on who they are and what your product or service is. However, there is one technique that we can apply to all videos productions, whether that be whiteboard video or filmed video, and that is to always tell a story.

Presenting your product or service through a story makes it relatable. This then helps entice your audience into buying your product or service by focusing on the issues that it solves.  


Keep It Traditional But Don’t Be Afraid To Innovate

There are certain things that make a classic whiteboard … a classic. One of those things is the black and white, monotone colour scheme and the other of course is the hand that draws the images! When we know we want a whiteboard that will attract attention, we try and keep to these elements.

However, sometimes it never hurts to be a little innovative with the colour scheme. Adding splashes of colour that are relevant to your brand and your brand persona can be really beneficial to the videos engagements, so this might be worth thinking about next time you want a whiteboard but want to go a little … off the board.

Use Emotive References

Another important overlooked feature of whiteboard video is that

by adding in some emotive references you can generate better identification with the video

Now when we say ‘emotive’, we don’t always mean sadness or frustration. It can be any emotion, such as humour or even nostalgia. Connecting with your audience is crucial with any kind of marketing but especially with video.


Always Read The Script OUT LOUD!

Lastly, sometimes when writing scripts for your video you can get too caught up with confusing industry jargon. As a result the video then has a serious tone to it, that isn’t necessarily what you were aiming for. (Especially if you wanted it to sound natural.)

This is why we always encourage writers to read they scripts out loud and even record them to make sure that the inflections and pronunciations sound right and convey the message you want it to. Words spoken incorrectly, or with the wrong tone can change the whole video.


Here at GingerVideo we make sure that the video you want is the video you get, making sure to ask you about these elements or doing them for you to ensure we have your best video interests at heart.

To contact us about your next whiteboard video or about any of our other services… call us on 01488 670 244 or email Neil/Jo@gingervideo.co.uk !

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Written by Jo Ginger

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