4 Reasons Your Brand Could Use Whiteboard Explainer Videos

September 4, 2018

Have you ever looked at one of those whiteboard style animation videos and thought ‘wow, I’d love one of those for my business’?  Was your second thought ‘but I don’t know what I’d do with it’? You’re not alone. Whiteboard explainer videos are an amazing marketing tool, and do a great job of capturing the attention of prospects and clients alike to deliver your message to a captive audience. Which is why we want to spread the word, and encourage more businesses to make good use of them! If you’ve been tempted in the past but aren’t sure how it would work for your business, then this is the post for you! Today, we have 4 ways your brand could use a whiteboard explainer video in your marketing.

 1.  If You Have A Complicated Product/Service

The epitome of ‘taking it back to the drawing board’. Blackboards, whiteboards and even walls have been used for centuries in classrooms and lecture halls to educate people. It’s so deeply ingrained into us that when we sit down in front of a whiteboard, we expect to learn something useful. The simple wipe clean board is the perfect way to summarise information, illustrate points and create a dynamic teaching aid. If they work so well in the education world, why wouldn’t they work in marketing? If you have a complicated process, service or product to explain, a whiteboard animation is the perfect way to do it. Studies have shown that information, understanding and retention rates increase by 15% when the information is shown in a whiteboard Explainer video, compared to other types of video.


2. Added Animation Charm

Animated characters are a great way to add some charm and personality to your videos, as well as increasing brand awareness, they also help engage your audience. If you have a set of custom animated characters, then this is the perfect place for them. A set of custom-made characters gives your audience something to identify with – they look, act and dress like them, and they go through the same sort of struggles that your customers go through too. That creates a sense of relatability, and makes customers more invested in what you have to say. Combine this with the increased engagement of whiteboard videos, and you’ve got a match made in heaven.

Just remember that your animations need to be emotional and… well… alive, to be relatable. Otherwise you might as well draw a smiley face on a piece of paper!  The image below is from a personalised video we produced at GingerVideo, which used custom-made characters of our own team!

3. They Work For Everyone

Out of the hundreds of types of videos you could use, whiteboard videos are by far the most versatile, simple and fun option for your brand, regardless of who you sell to. Faced with what, at first glance, looks like the most dull thing ever (a blank whiteboard), you can fill it with colourful animations, humour, excitement and energy. The only limit is your imagination. And they work for anyone. B2B clients love a whiteboard’s ability to explain what are sometimes really complicated services or concepts in a simple, quick way.  B2C customers will be hooked on your compelling storytelling and fresh perspective. There are no barriers in whiteboard. While they are more often used for B2B businesses, we’ve personally seen some amazing successes with B2C whiteboard videos. If you want to know what those were, just ask!

4. Declutter Your Website of Text

Videos are by far the most engaging form of content out there. In fact, most people would be happier watching a video on a website than reading a big chunk of text explaining your service. Add that to the fact that most modern websites are clean, uncluttered and fairly minimal, and a whiteboard video is almost a no-brainer. Whiteboard Explainer videos also allow you to convey much more information in that short space of time, helping you make a much better impression on prospects.

At GingerVideo, we are specialists in creating exciting, dynamic and frankly fantastic whiteboard videos (if we do say so ourselves). We can produce inspiring and innovative 2D explainer and animation videos, and even 3D motion graphic whiteboards to really make you stand out from the competition. Whether it’s a full animation, a simple ‘draw on’ style video or something even more unique, we can help. To find out more, visit this page here or just get in touch to talk about your whiteboard vision.

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Written by Neil Ginger

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