3 Ways to Get Hired Using Video

January 15, 2015

Use Video to Get Yourself Hired

Have you thought about how you can get hired using video? More candidates are doing just that, and I’ve had personal experience of this in the last week.

One of my daughters has been looking for summer work, and started filling out the usual application forms. Amazingly a large proportion of the jobs gave the option to include a video with the application. With a Dad as a videographer and photographer she considered herself very lucky, bagged herself several interviews and a new great job!

3 Ways to Use Video to get Hired

1. Video Resume

A video resume allows job seekers to showcase their abilities using video opposed to a traditional paper resume.

From the employer’s point of view a video resume enables them to see and hear applicants and get a feel for how they present themselves before actually having met them.

2. Testimonial of Your Work

Using a Video Testimonial in the hiring process could be beneficial because it allows you to promote your strengths via someone who has worked with you. Use one to highlight a personal or business achievement or success that a prospective employer would be impressed with.

Testimonials can show potential employers how your work has benefited others and thus, why they should hire you to improve their business.

3. Demonstrate Your Work and Skills

Putting forward work that you have produced is a great way for employers to get a feel for the standard of work that you are capable of producing.

Video is becoming more commonly requested by prospective employers. We expect this is probably because of the increase in popularity of video, the ease to the employer and the benefits that using video can have for job seekers when applying for positions.

Get noticed, capture attention and save time

Popular job vacancies can attract hundreds of applicants so it can be difficult for your CV to stand out. Sometimes it is unlikely that yours will even be looked at in the depth that you intended. By producing something unique that stands out, like video, you can capture the attention of the employer and they will be inclined to watch your video.

You only have a short amount of time to capture your employers interest! Video is more engaging than text and it also allows the viewer to better understand your message.

Show enthusiasm

After having taken the time to create a video to promote yourself, employers will recognise your efforts. Including a video as part of your application will show your interest in the position; it will show that you are serious and enthusiastic. This can suggest you will be more hard working and the right candidate for the role.

Video is a great way to promote yourself and what you can contribute to the company. You can use it in different ways to portray what you feel would be important to the employer.

Including video in a job application will help you stand out and helps the employer get an insight into you as a person and an employee.

We hope that you found this blog helpful. If you have any questions please feel free to get in touch!

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Written by Neil Ginger

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