3 Tips That Will Improve Your Video Testimonials

April 8, 2019

Hands up if you love a good testimonial?  We certainly do! There’s nothing better than the feeling you get when a client tells you how much they love the work you’ve done for them, or how much of a difference you’ve made to their lives. It’s even better if you can get it written down, so that you can use it on your website to promote your services. But you know what’s even better than that? Video testimonials! There is nothing quite as powerful as seeing someone’s face as they talk about you, or hearing their voice as they sing your praises (figuratively speaking – we hope!). But how do you capture a video testimonial, and what can you do to make them work harder for your business?

Skip The Script

First things first – ditch the script. The last thing you need is someone reading from a piece of paper, sounding very stilted and like you’re putting words in their mouth (even when you’re not). Unless your client absolutely needs to have something written down in order to appear on camera, avoid it at all costs.

Instead, let them speak from the heart. This way it doesn’t sound like a marketer has written their lines for them, and gives prospects a real voice to listen to. Besides, the whole reason you’re having your client speak instead of you is because you want a genuine, honest and unbiased view of your services. But while scripts are unnecessary, it can be helpful to give your clients a guideline of what you would like them to say. Or let them know what questions you’re going to ask ahead of time. This will give them a chance to think of a good answer, and ensure your testimonial isn’t full of ‘umm’s as they think about it. On the day, just sit down with them and have a conversation – the more candid, the better!

Clipboard - testimonials

Know Where To Use Them, And How

Once you’ve got yourself a killer video testimonial, the next thing to understand is what to do with it. Unlike written testimonials, which just tend to sit on websites and not do very much at all, your video testimonial is a dynamic tool that, if you use it correctly, has the potential to be shared everywhere and make a real difference. For example, you can embed it in your website, share it on social media, slot it into product videos or send them to prospects with your marketing materials. Video is capturing the world by storm right now, so there has never been a better time to spread the word about your business through video. Just make sure you don’t overdo it. You don’t want a customer testimonial on every product page, and you probably don’t just want a wall of them all on one page either. So put together a strategy for using them, track and measure the performance on each platform, and tweak your approach if needed to see the best results.

Get A Professional In

If you go out and start looking at video testimonials, you’ll find a lot of good ones out there, and a lot of bad ones. The bad ones often look like they’ve been shot on grainy mobile phones with bad colour balance, fuzzy audio that sounds like it’s gone through a potato ricer and no attention to things like background, lighting or anything else. You don’t want yours to look like that. After all, a poor video testimonial not only reflects badly on you as a business, but it shows you aren’t willing to even put in the effort to make your clients look good, so you’re more likely to put people off than encourage them to buy.

The best video case studies have been put together by professionals who have the equipment and experience to create stunning video every time. It’s not an expensive thing to do, and the amount of time you will save and reputational damage you will avoid more than makes up for it.

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At GingerVideo, there’s nothing we love more than a good video testimonial. They are such a powerful marketing tool, and just like any content you create they have the power to win you new customers. By showing off your success stories, you can create a trustworthy brand, a strong online presence and give prospects on the fence the confidence they need to say ‘yes’. If you’d like to know more about creating video testimonials for your business, just get in touch with the team at GingerVideo today.

Written by Neil Ginger

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